Keywords: Bryophytes, Antibacterial, Antiviral, Cucumber, Pathogenic bacteria, bryophytes for antimicrobial activity. Journal of. Medicinal Plants, 7, ). Antibacterial Activity of Extracts from Some Bryophytes. Vizma Nikolajeva1*, Ligita Liepina1, Zaiga Petrina1, Guntra Krumina1. The antimicrobial activity of aqueous and ethanolic extracts of 11 Bryophyta and Naturally Grown Bryophytes,” Journal of Medicinal Plant Research, Vol. 5, No.

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Since nearly all of the identified biologically active or antibiotic substances from plants have been identified as aromatic or saturated organic compounds, it was most efficient to obtain the compounds through ethanolic or methanolic extractions. This clearly demonstrates the importance of using a multitude of extraction compounds and methods to isolate antibiotic compounds.

However, unlike vascular plants, water and minerals are absorbed chiefly by the thin leaves of the plant as the rain washes through the moss, not from roots Journaal precipitation in Vancouver. Further Directions It is apparent that a variety of studies are needed to explore the established data. Bryophytes in this region are herbaceous plants that grow closely packed together in mats or cushions on rocks, soil, or as epiphytes on the trunks and leaves of forest trees Other tested plant species, were collected from homogenous plant populations.


Furthermore, Asakawa suggests that oil bodies are easily extracted with alcoholic extraction vryophytes, while the other classes of bryophytes lack oil bodies, making antibiotic activity more difficult extract.

The outer membrane is responsible for protecting the bacteria from an array of different antibiotics, detergents, and enzymes that would normally damage the inner member or peptidoglycan cell wall All other species showing antibiotic activity were common among ethanolic and methanolic extracts.

Further investigation would be required to determine if a polyacetylene, sterol or propolis found in the mosses, antimicfobial liverworts are responsible to the antibiotic nature of the species.

The cellular oil bodies contain vast array of lipophilic terpenoids, aromatic compounds, and acetogenins which may be responsible for the antimmicrobial array of bioactivities and medicinal properties Furthermore, this also suggests that one antibiotic compound may be responsible for the antibacterial qualities of a genus or species.

C and Cardellina, J.

Biologically active compounds from bryophytes. For example, Bartramia pomiformis, Leucolepsis acanthoneuron, Frullania nisquallensis showed antibiotic activity only using ethanolic extraction.

Also, these compounds would be subjected to animal and human studies to determine their effectiveness on whole-organism systems, including toxicity and normal microbiota studies. This suggests that specific antibacterial compound seffective against the selected bacterial species, tend to be isolated more effectively from liverworts and mosses using ethanol. In our study, none of these species displayed any activity.

Antibacterial Activity of Extracts from Some Bryophytes

Antibiotic effects of Lunularia cruciata Bryophyta extract. Hundreds of medicinal bryophytes have been identified and classified in ethnobotanical literature bryophytds potential antimicrobial agents 6,8,9, The collections took place from October to November How did I get here?


Plants of Coastal British Columbia. British Columbian bryophytes against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria will be used as evidence for antimicrobial action and efficacy. Ellis for providing expertise and laughter throughout this project and field collections, and to Amy Singleton-Polster for her peer-criticisms. All extracts were stored at room temperature.

Native American food and medicinal plants 7. A thorough overview of the fundamentals of Botany.

Eating for Two – The common jokrnal in pregnancy. For example, a potential source of experimental error in the current experiment was failing to use filtration devices or rotoevaporation to isolate our antibiotic compounds.

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The reference antibiotics showed a range of 5. Journal of Natural Products, The bolded compounds are partitioned exclusively by the particular solvent. Antibiotics were used as positive controls against the bacteria. One and half grams of the ground material were extracted in 25ml of methanol over 24 hours. Plant Products as Antimicrobial Agents.