If you want to work at Google, or any of America’s best companies, you need to have an answer to this and other puzzling questions. ARE YOU SMART. Are You Smart Enough to Work at Google is a business book by Pulitzer Prize-nominated science writer, William Poundstone, describing details of the. Some way into this book, you realise something, or at least I did. Only the first pages have anything to do with Google’s interview technique.

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If you are thinking of finding a new job or just like brainteasers, this may be a good book for you.

Lists with This Book. Only the first pages have anything to do with Google’s interview technique. From great gigs to film reviews and listings, entertainment has you covered. I recommend the book for all those who like a diverse range of challenging puzzles.

Are You Smart Enough to Work at Google? by William Poundstone – review

People in the tall building quickly responded to the aircraft, drawing their own large sign: I found outright beauty in the reasoning that seeks the quickest way, with two eggs, to determine which floor in a storey building is the highest you can safely drop one from. There is also a list of useful websites on the matter to ssmart to, at the end of the book.

Poundstone studied physics at MIT and many of his ideas concern the social qt financial impact of scientific ideas. The object is to get people thinking and the intellectual challenges it poses have become the stuff of legend.


Are You Smart Enough to Work at Google?

Whether you have interviews looming in the near future, or if you just gooyle to give your brain a good work out this book is definitely gonna help either way. Jan 13, Amanda rated it liked it Shelves: After realising this, you wonder something else: The true horrors of the festive season.

Pacman and ate up power pills and little ghosts, th I don’t really want to work at Google, but what a trippy little book! After all, according to the data the author presents, interviews really are no true reflection on how the applicant is actually going to perform on the job.

All in all, this book was wicked fun and a challenge to be sure. Jul 25, Angelino Desmet rated it really liked it.

Review: Are You Smart Enough to Work at Google? By William Poundstone –

Somebody has managed to imagine that the poundstome American references would bewilder foreign readers, and Britishised them into “Waitrose”, “Belmarsh”, “quid” etc, which is patronising and weird — especially in a book that asks how “smart” we are. I wanted to yell at them that they were disagreeing about an animated TV smwrt that by definition was not real and they were wasting their time and efforts because it was all nonsense. This article was amended on 23 April.

Quotes from Are You Smart Eno No trivia or quizzes yet. The above is a simple example, but there are more than others, many of them subtle and sophisticated.


And of course, loads of fun and challenging interview questions to keep your mind boggled. The main reason I didn’t enjoy this book as much is because of numerous problems and challenges inside. Pregnant Dublin woman receives perfect proposal as gender reveal Return to Book Page. It was also interesting that the author included real life experiences of people who applied to the top companies in the world. This book is all about Google.

Are You Smart Enough to Work at Google? by William Poundstone

I didn’t really enjoy this book at all for some reasons. For the most part here, however, we will leave aside such publishing predations on our self-worth and look instead to the ample selection of other non-fiction releases on The book covers the importance of creative thinking, ways to get a leg up on the competition, what your Facebook page says about you, and much more.

Your Christmas season streaming schedule sorted – what’s new to Netflix in December Where are all the great Christmas songs? Nov 08, Crina Bucur rated it really liked it Shelves: