The existence of both the Slayers d20 as well as the Besm Slayers books has recently been brought to my attention. I was wondering if anyone. Well. Since FFG didn’t get Smuggler’s Run done by the end of October, I s’pose I have to patch the lack of RPG’ey fun with this book, then. Index system Search: Big Eyes, Small Mouth (25 results) Big Eyes, Small Mouth Generic. The Slayers, Guardians of Order, Big Eyes, Small Mouth

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Like any good high fantasy setting, the Slayers world is full of golems – simple masses of stone animated by sorcery to serve the bidding of a master.

In the second arc, “The Copy Rezo Arc”, Lina’s party grows to include Amelia, and they find themselves having do to battle with Copy Rezo, an insane clone of the Red Priest who wants to annihilate them all in vengeance.

Lina Inverse is our star, a Chaotic Neutral Black Mage who has an uncanny aptitude for the most destructive spells in her setting, most famously the Dragon Slave, which is pretty much THE biggest boom in the canon. Now, a person’s mana “pool capacity” – how much mana they can store at one time – grows with repeated spellcasting, much like how a muscle strengthens with exercise. This requires a new Control Check each round; fortunately, all of the original bonuses the caster benefited from when they first cast the spell still apply to each Control Check they make whilst sustaining a spell.

Has a surprisingly tragic backstory that never gets mentioned or brought up. In the Slayers World, the Shinzoku manifested as mighty dragon-gods, served by lesser dragon underlings. Retrieved June 24, In fact, they reproduce asexually, giving up fragments of their own astral being and letting these fragments awaken as new Mazoku.

Secondly, you can use the spell’s incantation. It is the most useful anti-Mazoku school known in the “Barrier Realms” of Lina and her crew, because it tends to attack physical and astral bodies at the same time. Those short stories got converted into comics, then later into animu, in series, minis series and movie formats. Also, if you’re a dumbass, then you’re naturally not going to be very good at magic – the Slayers’ creator has actually claimed Gourry’s talent for sorcery rivals Lina’s, but because he’s such an absent-minded dreamer, he could never remember the incantations, and so he can’t cast spells.

Concentration works differently under Slayers magic.

Now, that barrier has fallen, and the party reunites with plans of exploring the strange new realms beyond. For simplicity’s sake, the Slayers D20 version of the race focuses strictly on the various humanoid animal beastfolk. Unfortunately, when they succeed, beam fragment of Shabranigdo is restored alongside of him, and they must battle to save the world once again.


BESM THE SLAYERS NEXT: Anime Roleplaying Rpg Sourcebook – Book #2 – $ | PicClick

Your ad here, right now: There are hints of a romantic attraction between the two, but it usually goes nowhere, save in the odd season finale. There are currently 5 seasons of the Slayers anime – well, technically 8. It presumably has similar abilities to White Magic, slaeyrs with vastly more potent anti-Mazoku slayrs spells. Banditbut didn’t give them a swim speed. Much of Slayers material was incorporated into Advanced d20 Magica setting-independent book that continued to be in print after the license on Slayers expired.

Season three, “The Slayers Try”, opens up the Slayers world.

BESM Slayers Try Campaign Book

Now, this is pretty flavorful, but since the Wizard class in Slayers D20 is still running off a D6 hit dice mechanic, it’s inherently flawed; spells quickly become too taxing on hit points to be worth casting at all, which really messes up the paradigm. His super-durable body has, on various occasions, resulted in him blocking cannonballs by headbutting them and being used as a makeshift ship’s anchor.

Under this system, metamagic doesn’t influence spell-level or casting time. On the plus side, this means elayers can apply metamagic on the fly and as much as you need it. BESM Slayers, book 1.

Has kind of a thing for Amelia that is a slqyers more explicit than the other slayerss romantic couple in the series. Sure, pretty much everyone knows a cantrip or two that comes in handy in their day-to-day life, but not everybody has the chance or the desire to dedicate their lives to studying spells.

The third season introduces a new part of the world to explore, and what’s the first they find?

BESM THE SLAYERS NEXT: Anime Roleplaying Rpg Sourcebook – Book #2

Season one, or “The Slayers”, consists of two arcs. Players’ characters in this setting are frequently at a much higher level than in a typical d20 campaign. Using a magic sword and near equal fighting skill he slayets his own, and shows to be useful to the heroes now and again, but never stealing the spotlight.

This article is a skub. For countering spell resistance, a merged spell uses the combined caster level of all participating casters. In the first, “The Red Priest Arc”, Lina meets and teams up with Gourry and Zelgadis, as she becomes embroiled with trying to keep the magical Philosopher’s Stone away from Rezo the Red Priest, who turns out to be vassal to one of the seven fragments of Ruby-Eyed Shabranigdo.

It focuses on curative and protective spells, healing injuries and trying to keep people safe. These allow players to represent half-breeds or chimeras – a chimera is literally just a character that takes a base race and then takes two or more templates.


This has resulted in at least one spell being lost to humanity; the ultra-destructive Fire Shamanism spell Blast Bomb is such a mana-guzzler that even Lina Inverse can’t cast it on her own. One final little trick of Slayers D20 spellcasting is that it’s possible to fake out others as to what spell your casting.

The Slayers is an animu about a sorceress and her adventuring party of murderhobos. A clone of him reappears in season 2; this incarnation seeks only to destroy the heroes to prove slayegs is more powerful than the original, a pretty good example of Neutral Evil. Filia Ul Copt is a Gold Dragon priestess who recruits Lina’s party to help her save the world in the third season of the anime. A good example of how a DMPC can be used in a game without actually hurting the game.

Not to be confused with this pile of faggotry. Theoretically, wlayers can do magic in the Slayers universe – all one needs to do is speak the Chaos Words incantations that invoke the various metaphysical entities from whom spells draw their power and bam, the spell goes off.

We know of Lina’s world, and have no idea nesm many others there are, although it’s suggested that four are known to Lina’s world in total. During a later titanic battle, Aqualord Ragradia was slain by the Mazoku Lords, which is why the art of Holy Magic has been all but lost in the Barrier Realms. Certain spells, called Sustained Slayees, can be held as long as the caster concentrates.

It is also noted that these lost ships have AI that can project their human forms via hologram.

BESM Slayers Try Campaign Book

Very little is known about this kind of magic because it’s been lost in the Barrier Realms for generations, whilst in the Outer Realms, magic itself has dwindled to become virtually a lost art, a result slwyers virtually every magically skilled individual being drafted for the ancient war that saw the Barrier Realms being created, leaving all the mages stuck inside and the non-mages stuck outside.

Air Shamanism grants flight, razor sharp wind projectiles, lightning bolts and protective barriers. Albert von Stargazer choose the ship Dark Star, but he was corrupt by its influence hesm was turned evil.