The Building Integration System (BIS) is a modular, extensible If you wish to extend an existing BIS V (adding an engine or single . BIS-GEN-ADPACK. EMEA BIS Refitting Approval form – Building Integration System version . , BIS-GEN-ADPACK, F01U, BIS Alarm Document. Order nmber BIS-GEN-ADPACK Alarm management package License bndle containing Message distribtion, Timer, Operator alarm, and Application lancher.

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Any polyamine, whether aliphatic, cycloaliphatic, aromatic, heterocyclic, etc. Suitable hydrocarbyl-substitued polyhydroxy aromatic compounds include the polyolefin catechols, the polyolefin resorcinols, and the polyolefin hydroquinones, e. With 2 bores M5 for blocking the carriage for transport. Thus, they can be added directly to the oil by zdpack, or dissolving the same in the oil at the desired level of concentration, typically with the aid of a suitable solvent such as toluene, cyclohexane, or tetrahydrofuran.

Generally, the polymer and monounsaturated carboxylic reactant will be contacted in a unsaturated carboxylic reactant to polymer mole ratio usually from about 0: For example, a more linear amido-amine is formed where substantially equimolar amounts of the unsaturated carboxylate and polyamine are reacted.

Use To be used with plates to allow mounting of a casing box. The coupled adduct so formed will preferably contain at least two reactive primary or secondary amino groups, per molecule. Oxidation inhibitors, or antioxidants, reduce the tendency of mineral oils to deteriorate in service which deterioration can be evidenced by the products of oxidation such as sludge and varnish-like deposits on the metal surfaces, and by viscosity growth.

ZF will not be required to provide com- materials, change in customs duties, change in the sionals of their responsibility and must be followed pensation for consequential or indirect loss such exchange rate, change in the legislation, change in at the very least. The reaction of Reactants A and B may be conducted in a diluent or insert solvent for the reaction.


Fixing on cap with 2 screws 4.

Possibility to receive the sleeve and the reinforcement devices bagged: A nitrogen or ester containing adducts selected from the group consisting of A-1 oil soluble salts, amides, imides, oxazolines and esters, or mixtures thereof, of long chain hydrocarbon substituted mono- and dicarboxylic acids or their anhydrides or esters; A-2 long chain aliphatic hydrocarbon having a polyamine attached directly thereto; A-3 Mannich condensation products formed by condensing a long chain hydrocarbon substituted phenol with an aldehyde and a polyamine; and A-4 Mannich condensation products formed by reacting long chain hydrocarbon substituted mono- and dicarboxylic acids or their anhydrides or esters with an aminophenol, which adoack be optionally hydrocarbyl substituted, to form a long chain hydrocarbon substituted amide or imide-containing phenol intermediate adduct, and condensing about a molar proportion of the long chain hydrocarbon substituted amide- or imide-containing phenol intermediate adduct with about 1 to 2.

Upon carrying out a thermal reaction without the use of halogen or a catalyst, then usually only about 50 to 75 wt. PACK B 25 The Customer is responsible transportation, blocking of public services, and conformity with the confirmation of the adpck or if for using the products under normal, foreseeable natural disasters.

Linked to the tube with 3 M8 screws. Use Ensures the guiding of the curtain at the entrance of the guide rail. Determination of the spring, idem for operation by gearbox. Fastened with 4 screws M6.

The coiler without strap is devilered with unstretched spring Hang the strap on the spring box and wind the strap arround. Compatible with all ZF endplates sizes from to and motor with torque maxi 20 mN. Use To be used with brackets pages. When R 1R 2R 3R 4R 5 biw R 6 are alkynyl, the alkynyl group will generally contain from 2 to 12, preferably from 2 to 4, carbon atoms, and can be branched or straight chained.

Enables a better stability REF.

BIS – Overview and basic package V2.5

Examples of such heterocyclic groups are furyl, pyranyl, pyridyl, piperidyl, dioxanyl, tetrahydrofuryl, pyrazinyl and 1,4-oxazinyl. Only the bottom handle is hinged. It is up to the Customer to provide its customer, order to confirm the defect.


Phosphosulfurized hydrocarbons are prepared by reacting a suitable hydrocarbon such as a terpene, a heavy petroleum fraction of a C 2 to C 6 olefin polymer such as polyisobutylene, with from 5 to 30 wt. Bag containing 2 screws, 2 washers, 2 rollers, 2 pads, 2 rings and 2 roller bearings.

Calam̩o РGeneral catalogue Edition

Consequently, the spring lengthens during its adpaci which leads to the cursor moving. Mounted on 8 or 14 mm slats: This approach is well known and need not be further elaborated herein. S Use maximal usable strap breadth: Determining the best design and implementation. If desired, the dispersants of this invention, prepared as described above, can be contacted in an additional step with additional polyamine, preferably a polyamine having from about 1 to 15 carbon atoms and from about 1 to 12 amine groups per molecule, and more preferably from about 1 to 4 carbon atoms and from about 1 to 3 amine groups per molecule, and having at least two reactive amine groups, i.

Preferably, the reactant A comprises a nitrogen-containing compound containing at least two reactive amino groups i.

QQ endplates square series L, QQ endplates all types. Allows Simu motor mounting: Use To be mounted on the locks to protect the slats sdpack the roller shutter. Consequently, the amount of dispersant employed is dictated and controlled by the effectiveness of the material for achieving its dispersant function.

Used with ball bearing or plain bearing D. Articulated to shift pole 43 mm out, for opening the window wide open.

Also for strap handling. Any order with specific require- Unless there are specific conditions for goods for sum, interest, costs and incidentals. Can be used with reinforcement brackets.