Sieze The Time is Bobby Seale’s, a longtime activist and co-founder of The Black Panther Party, riveting first-person account on the evolution of The Party as a. From the Introduction: “Seize the Time was first published more than twenty years ago. I [Bobby Seale] tape-recorded and wrote most of this book under the. User Review – Flag as inappropriate. Excellent book, provides good detailed description of key events in the Panter’s history. Written by Bobby Seale, thereby .

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You got your gun, pig, I got mine. During the war we had a little money, but after my father built the house he went to San Antonio, and then we were back in poverty again.

The work crews had to come in for a certain number of hours. That’s bobbg to use you like Germany used little kids,” I told them, “although it’s not that heavily organized. And that’s when I liked the brother. Don’t answer any questions. You called me in the office for something. And he’s always dealt with it in this fashion.

Seize the Time: The Story of the Black Panther Party and Huey P. Newton

Well-liked cat, well-liked brother. One day Colonel King called me in his office and told me for about the fifth time that he was going to put me in jail if I didn’t pay my bill.

That was a big thing. You have hhe items in your cart. I thought I told you, man, not to be jiving around here, jiving and stealing. In1 worked as a comedian off and on when I first went to Merritt College. I even found brothers who knew drafting.

Seize the Time (book) – Wikipedia

I ain’t ever been AWOL but bpbby can call it whatever they want to call it. Malik must not fight his brothers. Refresh and try again. Huey swore all up and down that the next time he saw Mackelvain he’d kill him, and Mackelvain swore that he was going to kill Huey. At that time, most protest organizations, particularly anti-war and civil rights groups, were targeted for attacks ttime all levels of government. At first I couldn’t figure zeize why, but I remember I had asked Huey to come up to the pad, and after he left, silly-ass Kenneth Freeman sat up and said some bull crap about “Huey P.


I went and played a few more hands. He had the blade down on his lap but he was cleaning his fingernails with it, with this big, long switchblade, about four-and-a-half inches long.

We know that the workers are exploited, and that most of the people in this country are exploited, in one way or another. We were going to use the SSAC to begin learning how to serve our community. That’s just one point to show Huey’s humanism toward all other human beings; this is the way he is.

Seize the Time

The brothers and I and the sisters, we all blbby that together. I’d bought the drums in Oakland, and they sent a collection agency out after I had missed two payments. Every once in a while, I’d catch a lazy cat. If you shoot at me, I’m shooting back.

Seize the Time – Bobby Seale – Black Classic Press

So I said, “Well, you cats can’t gamble without me! So I said, “You ain’t got no business calling him no fool, because you’d have probably done ghe same thing. His love and respect for Huey Newton is somewhat obvious throughout the book.

You out of your mind? My mother always tried to save money, but the money was used up every time my father was laid off.


I tried to get them not to think in Uncle Tomish ways but always to think in ways zeize to black people in the black community surviving and black people in the black community unifying. We have to have a program for the people. This cop she had pointed to, he was red. When I’d catch one, I’d go to where he was working and go right to work, and we’d work real, real hard, and really start getting things cleaned up.

First Huey downed Mackelvain. He said, “I want to play payday stakes. I broke loose bobgy those cats. They wanted to be slick, they wanted to be pimps, they were trying to get them a piece from some of the sisters all the time.

He found out later that he’d been kicked in the head.

When I was working in the day, I was going to Merritt at night. Newton, Minister of Defense of th An important work to learn from. Kenny Freeman and the rest of the cultural nationalists came down there to get me, and I told them to leave me alone. I went to my mother’s house, and I got six loose red bricks from the garden.

They made me feel that I had to help out, be a part and do something, to help out some way. But here are the facts – a picture of what the Black Panther Party really is and how it operates. That’s what we want. Newton Bobby Seale Snippet view –