Calugarita has ratings and reviews. Jonfaith said: Man was born to live with his fellow human beings. Separate him, isolate him, his character. Denis Diderot este unul dintre acei autori fara de care este imposibil sa intelegem generosul si paradoxalul Veac al Luminilor, care a dat. Project Gutenberg · 58, free ebooks · 14 by Denis Diderot. La religieuse by Denis Diderot. No cover available. Download; Bibrec.

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Diderot’s The Nun La Religieuse is the seemingly true story of a young girl forced by her parents to enter a convent and take holy orders. A novel mingling mysticism, madness, sadistic cruelty and nascent sexuality, it gives a scathing insight into the effects of forced vocations and the unnatural life of the convent. For Diderot’s novel is not simply a story of a young girl with a bad habit; it is also a powerfully emblematic fable about oppression and intolerance.

This new translation includes Diderot’s all-important prefatory material, which he placed, disconcertingly, at the end of the novel, and which turns what otherwise seems like an exercise in realism into what is now regarded as a masterpiece of proto-modernist fiction. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again.

Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Calugarita by Denis Diderot. Calugarita by Denis Diderot. Published first published To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

To ask other readers questions about Calugaritaplease sign up. Calugadita download the novel? See 1 question about Calugarita…. Lists with This Book.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Man was born to live with his fellow dicerot beings. Separate him, isolate him, his character will go bad, a thousand ridiculous affects will invade his heart, extravagant thoughts will germinate in his brain, like thorns in an calugagita land. Given the untimely arrival of our Diderpt Vortex, it is fitting that The Nun shudders with a frozen despair.

Bone chilling mornings are well suited for such guided tours of the dark side. Abandon your preconceptions of the Enlightenment and moral cautionary Man was born to live with his fellow human beings. Abandon your preconceptions of the Enlightenment and moral cautionary tales, Diderot’s creation is terrifying. Apparently it was a practical joke used to trick a friend to return to Paris from the countryside.

The novel takes the form of an escaped nun tracing her history in a lengthy letter about a series of convents, ones where the prevailing theme is obedience. One thinks of Martin Amis, “give djderot someone absolute control over another and thoughts soon turn to torture.

Jun 16, K. Funny classic novel about a nun! This novel was originally written as a joke! And a joke it should be read and enjoyed! Diderot wrote a letter to his retired companion Marquis de Croismare to entice him to retreat back to Paris. The letter was supposed to be from a nun incarcerated in a convent asking Croismare to save her. Many o Funny classic novel about a nun! Many of Diderot’s friends found the letters amusing so Diderot revised and made it into a novel.

Her mother had an affair with another man and although Suzanne grew up with her mother’s real husband, she felt unloved. When she began to have admirers, her parents brought her to a convent to become a nun. In front of the altar when the priest asked if she wanted to be come a nun, she answered no. Her parents plead to her but she xiderot. So, with nowhere else to go, she finally agreed.


However, she still felt trapped and she started to create scenes in the convent.

She was punished until a priest transferred her to another convent. In that other convent, she was molested by the Mother Superior. The plot is not funny. Rather, if it were true in the 18th century France where most people are catholicsit could have created a scandal.

Also, learning in the book’s introduction that it was supposed to be a joke, I could not help but laugh in many scenes in it. My favorite is that part when after Suzanne was punished by the nuns, she prayed loud to God to forgive her tormentors. However, it is also written in Wikipedia that Diderot had a nun sister who died in a French Catholic church from overwork. This was said to have changed his view on religion.

Yesterday, I was in Fullybooked Rockwell with my father-in-law. We were celebrating Father’s Day together with my family and his wife and our US-based visiting ninang. One of them was about WWII and the other one is a book on humor jokes. He said that he does not read fiction because they are just gawa-gawa ng tao. I retorted that fiction books may have been that but most of them have basis in real life.

They are just made into fiction to be more interesting. Non-fiction could also be gawa-gawa so we cannot be sure if they are all true. We know about those scandals inside the church.

Calugarita by Denis Diderot (5 star ratings)

calugarits Like the valiant story of McArthur or the fake medals of President Marcos that were erroneously written in our history. That episode in Desperate Housewives was not funny at all. Some Filipino doctors in the US even marched on the streets demanding apology from Fox and the producers of the show.

I seldom buy regular-priced books. For more than a year now, I have not been buying clothes except those given to me during holidays Father’s Day, my birthday and Christmas by my family calugaritaa friends. I have “rainy days” fund.

La religieuse by Denis Diderot – Free Ebook

However, I still know how to share and how to enjoy money to bring me happiness. Good friends and books like The Nun do make me happy.

View all 9 comments. Even though I liked the concept of Diderot’s La Religieuse written in – ridiculing the locking up of men and especially women in convents – I didn’t really like the book. In order to understand this book, it is necessary to know that this book started as a joke. Diderot and Grimm decided to fool the Marquis the Croismare. They wrote some letters, posing as a fugitive nun and her guardian, in order to make this Marquis come to Paris and pick up this fictive fugitive nun, to let her ser Even though I liked the concept of Diderot’s La Religieuse written in – ridiculing the locking up of men and especially women in convents – I didn’t really like the book.

They wrote some letters, posing as a fugitive nun and her guardian, in order to make this Marquis come to Paris and pick up this fictive fugitive nun, to let her serve as a housemaid for his own daughter. Strangely, these letters serve as a preface, which is added after! This body of text is itself the life story of this nun, Sainte Suzanne, who, being an illegitimate child, didn’t have access to a dowry.


Since marriage and a vocation weren’t an option for such women, they were “given to the church”. This meant locking them up in convents for the rest of their lives to serve as nuns.

This in itself wasn’t more than praying, reading bibles and attending the communion. Sainte Suzanne serves in three convents, where diserot is exposed to the horrors of this prison-like state.

Even worse, she realizes that, caugarita her character makes her obstinate, she has three options: After failing to win a court case to set her free, she is transferred to a third ciderot, where she meets a Mother Superior who is a secret lesbian lover.

This Mother Superior seduces Sainte Suzanne and commits all kinds of sexual acts. When Sainte Suzanne tells her confessor this, the Mother Superior slowly starts to go mad even receiving messages of the Devil himselfcalutarita Suzanne is left on her own. And this is the didefot of the story. Diderot then writes some sort of summary of how Suzanne calugarira a new confessor, who feels the same as her.

How she diderkt the convent by climbing over the wall, setting off in a post chaise, where she is raped by a monk, and finally ending up in Paris, where she finds a hiding place.

And this is the definitive end of the book. These letters end with the mentioning of the untimely death of Suzanne, caused by the wounds incurred during her escape. The most interesting thing is, that this Marquis seems to have believed this hoax!?

It’s a shame that Diderot didn’t choose to re-write the story in order to make it suitable for a book the story was published, part for part, in a philosophical magazine edited by co-philosophe Grimm. Modern-day readers will encounter a chopped up story. And even worse, Diderot tries to make the main text a novel, but he clearly wasn’t a skilled novelist.

These dialogues are at some points really flowing, and at some points they consist of long, boring monologues. And because of the earlier mentioned lack of structure, this book doesn’t feel as one whole.

La religieuse by Denis Diderot

After all this critique, is there anything good in this book? Well, there are signs that Diderot used the life story of his sister, who chose the veil and went mad and died in a convent inas inspiration for this story. The reason why this is important, is that, as some other diderto especially Rousseau Calugqrita used his own disgust about the way French 18 century society worked, to write polemical attacks and to fight for human dignity.

This is the one thing that Diderot does a good job at in La Religieuse: The things that took place there; even the fact that women were only allowed to see visitors behind a grill, is enough in itself to make you feel awful.