Women in Calypso, part (1) ; Calypsonians From Then To Now, part (1) ; Calypsonians From Then To Now, part (2) ; The History of Anyhowers . Story time just got better with Prime Book Box, a subscription that delivers hand- picked children’s books every 1, 2, or 3 months — at 40% off List Price. 3. Interview by author, 4. Quoted in Al Salaam, liner notes to What You Ottley, Calypsonians from Then to Now, part 1, 3. Roberts, Black Music of.

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Minister for Tourism and Urban Renewal, Senator Robert Tonge, has called on calypsonians to take precaution with their wit and satire when they perform their calypsos this year. He noted that the country is not short of legal representatives these days and artistes must be careful. He said many of these compositions cover issues which are newsworthy, however, care must be taken. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or distributed.

The comments on this page do not necessarily reflect the views of DominicaNewsOnline. All comments are approved by DominicaNewsOnline.

‘Young Bull’ chastises calypsonians – Dominica News Online

We never censor based on political or ideological points of view, but we do try to maintain a sensible balance between free speech and responsible moderating. We will delete comments that:. Purpose of Calypso 1. To expose the ills of society 2. To put Government in check.

Talk frm the late great Spider, No way should calypsonians be taken to task, but as Mr. T, said be careful because there are some bad Wolves out there, who are waiting to take these Art formers to the laundry.

I think Mr T meant no harm. Carnival will not be the same without some good old calypsos.

Come on Calypsonianss, your songs are great, I love them. Calypsos are not documentaries give these people a break. All of you braying there none of you helping checko and the others that get sued. That is what the calypsonians have to be careful of, you wolves.

Robbie, why you put yourself in that government business? My advice, get out of it and people would respect you for doing so. GarCon u not doing your job cut his tongue tourism getting robbed all over town cut his tongue he kill tourism not de artform he want to kill cut his tongue from sparrow to arrow calypso is for everyone cut his tongue.

I doh see where skeritt coming in that. Boy all u really obsessed with skerro. Paet to the facts. Robbie made a statement whoops some of par jumping on skerro.

Your parents not hearing you boy?? Dominican society has gone to. No one can make a joke or sing a song anymore. Gone are the days when the people that the songs were made about was jumping on the same song, in the front row of the calypso show. What have our society come to? If you know is not true, why take offence to the extent of legal action? And even if is true? Let dem man sing dere song. It would be laughable if it was not so serious. A farmer was told by an Extension Officer that the fertilizer from Morocco was taken away from them Agriculture and put in the hands of the Parl Reps to share.


Now, a newly appointed Minister of Tourism is warning calypsonians, and I am sure is not because of the O Henry song. His warning is to put a chilling effect on calypsonians whose calypsos put certain people in the high places that he is now part of, in a light that they would rather not be seen or known, but which is seen big like a breadfruit and known by and to all Dominicans. Yet, not being elected, smart they sayis difficult situations like that you were brought on board for…smart what?

If we do that Skrit and his cabal would have won! We must never do that, never you hear. Robbie Garson, leave them man thing alone! Now you are being used as part of the censorship effort…. Garson behave yourself because you are a smart chap. I maintain Ian is the only real person in politics.

Well I think this link would be some good news for Dominica tourism…. Yet another attempt, this time by Tonge tonothing more, nothing less, but to instill some fear in calypso writers and singers. To insinuate that there are many lawyers waiting to pounce on any calypsonian, with allegedly libelous songs is backward, uncultured, immoral to say the least. Let the calypsos flow like the raging rivers. However, Free speech is definitely under attack on the island if a person cannot express his or herself in song.

But the questions are 1. Should the lawyers refuse a client, 2.

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What law is there in Dominica that prevents free speech and 3. Why was the fine so much because the guy did not file a defense? Robbie is smart he did dat on purposse so Patat will run a kaiso on him an bam Robbie get popular right away, overnite, robby want attention an noticing man, juss tell patat make a kaiso on u Robbie. Was I DA recently, the Roseau market is no more. I say there is not much of anything to be sold other than clothes and there is no one to buy DA ls dead peeps and the only entertainment left you sir want to kill it to.

And which i forgot to say yo that there is hardly any ground provision to be sold the market is no more. This is utter rubbish. Tonge for your cautioning, this gives us more leverage of masking our song about the issues dat are at hand. Teeway yo was a political song by Hurricane, if I remember.

Put the brakes on nwo had a political verse brakes as for Calpsonians so many political songs. From day one calypsonians sing on all issues from politics, to domestic abuse, to pride thrn country as they should.

If it comes out as a maypwee to you its because you disagree with the lyrics. I may disagree with some lyrics but I embrace the artform and the freedom it has always enjoyed. I think when people can relax and patr of something other than the hardship and unjust on the Island, the greedy and corrupted leaders, the poverty and high unemployment, then only then I think the calypso will return to what is was but until then, it is going to be political.

I am an avid lover of calypso and it is a bit troubling to see that calypso is under noow however what I do not understand, is the accusations or parr that it is the Prime Minister who is killing calypso.


Calypsonians from then to now: Rudolph Ottley: : Books

Calypso is under assault by the money hungry lawyers who are looking to make a buck. The Government is not responsible for people taking people to court because of a song. I urge the calypsonians to continue to up your game and thwn about all the social, political, economical and comical aspect of society.

You have to continue to sing and fight against the nonsensical cases being brought before the court. Note that Checko did not lose his case, he was ruled against because of non-response. In my opinion, that was bs case and had he responded accordingly, the said case would have been thrown out. That said, it look like de man still like twaka, because he still chougouneeing caca.

Notice I doh call no name.

It most certainly is a gag!! I once lived in a country where no artistes, poets, reporters would dare express an opinion against the establishment. We are going down a danderous slope with this!!!! This is the kind of stupid oppressive rhetoric with a gets me very angry ……. Dominica is the only place on earth where people are prosecuted for the song they write and sing, regardless of the lyrics, as long as the name of someone is not mentioned specifically; how could that constitute slander or libel?

Many times I write critical comments; on DNO, which never get released, even if in my comments I do not actually mention the name of anyone. That is an indication that Dominicans are living in fear of people such as that piece trash of who is spewing his nonsense.

Where is the democracy in Dominica? Where is the freedom of speech; where is the freedom of the people; and the press? Socialism, communism, died in Venezuela recently; it reincarnated in Dominica today! Use to think you were a bright guy. Freedom of speech has its parameters.

Nobody gets sued for singing the truth. Whether I for the government of the day or not. This is just nonsense. Them man making threats wi. The real essences of calypso is being taking away ……….

Stifle dem self… squeeze dem… choke dem… suck dem dry untill Dominica looks like a cross between North Korea and Haiti!!!

That is exactly what Dominicans grom Kill everything that used to make Dominica Dominica. You all who cannot understand what the Minister is saying. Maybe this legal representative should callypsonians you that the Constitution provides every person in Dominica with freedom of expression. While we are all protected from slander and libel, those who choose to take public office should spend less time warning citizens about their speech and more time developing a thicker skin.

It is ironic that politicians have the freedom to go into OUR Parliament and say whatever they want about whoever they want, including falsehoods, with no fear of legal action because from the start they have given themselves immunity.