User Manual Library .. MANUALS · ADDITIONAL PRODUCT SUPPORT · SERVICE & REPAIR · ABOUT SUPPORT. DRIVERS . Color imageCLASS MFc. Color imageCLASS MFc. Drivers & Downloads; Manuals. Technical support for this product is provided exclusively through our Knowledge Base. Please. View and Download Canon ImageCLASS MFc basic manual online. Canon All in One Printer Canon MF Series Service Manual. All in one printer.

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Page 81 Contents Contents 3. Xervice reading this manual, store it in a safe place for future reference. Is the cartridge installed correctly? In full-color printing, the detection is performed for the cartridges in each color.

F 3 Remove the gear [1] and the 2 screws [2]; Therefore, there may be cases when the color on the screen cannot be printed out exactly as it appears.

Canon MF8100 Series Service Manual

To print the manual completely, please, download it. Copying Copying This chapter explains how to make copies, adjust scan settings to improve the image quality, and enlarge or reduce the copy sizes.

Loading Paper Loading Paper This section describes how to load paper in the cassette and the multi-purpose tray. Once the machine starts cleaning, you will not be able to stop it in the middle.

We encourage you to use this option as a more efficient way to ship cartridges. Measurement And Adjustment Chapter 5 5.

Color imageCLASS MF8180c

If paper is jammed in the output tray, remove the jammed paper. Chapter 2 A mechanism used in this control sefvice also used in a developing rotary engaging operation. This is what causes black lines on copies. Right Cover Chapter 3 F 3.

When closing the reader assembly, be sure to push in the arm [1] first. Fixing unit Power supply unit Lock the fuser unit by turning the two lock release levers in the direction of the arrow. Got it, continue to print. Remove the jammed paper. If the message is still displayed after turning on the machine, pieces of torn paper may still be remaining inside.


General Problems 3 minutes to 5 minutes until the temperature inside the machine lowers, then plug it in again. Was data sent before completing calibration, such as before turning the power Make sure that the machine is ready, then send the data. Condensation will adversely affect the quality of the toner cartridge. Then, press [OK] to start cleaning. Be sure to hold the grip securely when carrying a fuser unit. Improving Copied Image Adjusting the Image Quality Resolution You can adjust image quality to the appropriate level best suited for a document with text or photos.

Page 84 Contents 3. Secondary transfer The toner on the ITB is transferred onto paper in this step. The unit is structured with the secondary transfer roller and engaging lever, which are operated by the main motor drive. Cleaning the Scanning Area Wipe the scanning area shaded area with a clean, soft, lint-free cloth moistened with water, then wipe with a clean, soft, dry, lint-free cloth.

Chapter 3 F 3 Open the reader assembly [4], and lift to free the 2 claws [5]. CAUTION Do not touch the lock release levers located on the right and left sides of the paper cassette when the plate of the paper cassette is locked.

Be sure to insert the envelopes completely. If you encounter a problem with the machine’s operation, try to solve it by using the information in Chapter 9, “Troubleshooting. Chapter 3 When closing the reader assembly, be sure to push in the arm [1] first.

Printer User Manual

Chapter 3 down the machine. Face Up Paper Output Area The paper is delivered with the printed side up from the face up paper output at the rear of the machine. Paper Jam in the Drum Cartridge When the paper is jammed in the drum cartridge as shown in the figure, remove the jammed paper using the following procedure. Load the documents face up in the ADF. Removing the Background Kf8180c You can adjust the background color by specifying the level from between 1 and 5 so that you can erase the mf81800c color of the document on the copy.


Energy Saver Mode This machine provides an energy saver function. Got it, continue to print. Tilt cahon the green pressure release lever on the left and right side of the fuser unit towards you to release the pressure in the fuser unit.

Page 56 Adjust the document guides to the width of the document. Grip the handles on both sides of the machine and lift it carefully, as shown in the illustration above.

Servlce circuit diagram of the scanner motor control is illustrated below. Up to x dpi optical via platen Up to x dpi enhanced. Front View a Operation panel Controls the machine. Servicce Toner Cartridges Be sure to use a new toner cartridge within the expiration date indicated on the package.

Spread the paper guides a little wider than the actual envelope width. A DC positive bias is applied to the secondary transfer roller to charge the back side of a fed paper. Before Printing Before printing, software must be installed in your computer. Selects seervice color to be removed. Chapter 3 F F 12 Remove the cable [1] from the guide [2].