TERMODINÁMICA. Alumno: Frank Erick De la O Sánchez. Tema: Los ciclo de Carnot, Stirling y Ericsson-definiciones, análisis y diferencias. (1) Área de Física de Procesos Irreversibles, Dpto. de Ciencias Básicas, Stirling and Ericsson engines in the race for industrialization, gradually since the early. The Stirling cycle heat engine has many advantages such as high Ruiz et al., “Diseño de un motor de ciclo Ericsson modificado empleando.

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This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution Licensewhich permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Stirling cycle and Rankine cycle heat engines are used to transform the heat energy of solar concentrators to mechanical and electrical energy.

The Rankine cycle is used for large-scale solar striling plants. The Stirling cycle can be used for small-scale solar power plants. The Stirling cycle heat engine has many advantages such as high efficiencyand long service life.

However, the Stirling cycle is good for high-temperature difference. It demands the use of expensive materials. Its efficiency depends on the efficiency of the heat regenerator. The design and manufacture of a heat regenerator are not a trivial problem because the regenerator has to be placed in the internal space of the engine.

It is possible to avoid this problem if we place wricsson regenerator out of the internal engine space.

To realize this idea it is necessary to develop the Ericsson cycle heat engine. We propose theoretical model and design of this engine. There are many different sources of sustainable energy. There are different types civlo solar energy plants. STES consists of a solar concentrator, a heat engine, and a generator of electric current.

Sometimes it also includes an energy storage system. The solar concentrator permits us to obtain the high temperature needed for heat engines.

In our previous work we described a low-cost solar concentrator based on multiple triangular flat facets [ 1 — 3 ]. Two prototypes of the solar concentrators are presented in Figures 1 a and 1 b. Two types of heat engines are usually used now in STES: Steam turbines are good for large power plants, and Stirling engines are proposed for distributed installations.

The Stirling engine in general has sricsson efficiency, long service life, and many other useful properties, but in existing versions it demands high-temperature difference [ 8 ] and for this reason demands expensive materials.

International Scholarly Research Notices

This leads to elevated cost of this engine. The Ericsson Cycle Heat Engine at present is investigated not so good as the Stirling Engine, but it has many promising properties and can stjrling considered ericsaon a good candidate for STES [ 9 — 11 ]. The scheme of Stirling engine is shown in Figure 2it contains a hot cylinder, a heater, a regenerator, a cooler, a cold cylinder, and 2 crankshafts that drive the pistons of the hot ericseon and the cold cylinder.

This displacement ensures the compression of the working liquid in the cold cylinder. After compression the working liquid is displaced from the cold cylinder to the hot cylinder. During this displacement the working liquid is heated to the temperature of the hot cylinder.

In the hot cylinder the working liquid is expanded and produces more work than that was spent during its compression in the cold cylinder. Thereafter the working liquid is moved from the hot cylinder to the cold cylinder.

Ciclos de potência a gas – Stirling e Ericsson

The Stirling engine has a simple structure without valves. But the simple structure of the Stirling engine generates many problems. In theory the Stirling cycle consists of the following processes: Ericssob Stirling engines at present have no isothermal processes. To approximate the compression and expansion of the working fluid to the isothermal processes it is necessary to increase the thermal conductivity of working fluid, to decrease the rotation speed of the engine or to decrease the size of the cylinders.

To increase the thermal sgirling modern Stirling engines use Hydrogen or Helium instead of air. The thermal conductivity of Helium and Hydrogen is times higher than the thermal conductivity of air.

However, it is not sufficient to obtain the compression and expansion processes close to the isothermal process. Practically it is impossible to decrease the speed of rotation of the engine to obtain isothermal compression and expansion because in this case the specific power the relation of the power to the engine weight drastically decreases.

In principle it is possible to obtain isothermal processes if we decrease the sizes and increase the number of the cylinders. At present we have no technology to produce such engines. At present existing Stirling engines have compression and eericsson processes that are closer to adiabatic processes than to isothermal processes. The difference between these processes is small if the compression and expansion rate is low.

For example, if the coefficient of compression is 1. Normal engines with small coefficient of compression have low power. To preserve acceptable power the pressure in all the space of the engine is made high e. These conditions demand the development of a regenerator of very high efficiency.

Real regenerators do edicsson permit us to obtain Carnot efficiency efficiency of an engine divided by efficiency of Carnot cycle of Stirling engines more than 0. In this case it is necessary to increase the temperature of the hot cylinder to obtain good overall efficiency of the engine. High temperature of the hot cylinder demands the use of special materials that increase the cost of the engine. It is possible to propose another method to obtain approximately isothermal processes of compression and expansion.

This method is used in some multistage gas turbines where the gas is cooled during the compression stages and is heated erkcsson the expansion stages. The method can also be used in piston engines including relatively low-power engine but in piston engines it demands the use of valves and cannot be realized in Stirling engine, but can be realized in Ericsson engine.

An example of Ericsson engine is described in [ 11 ]. The engine power is It is based on the open cycle; that is, the air from atmosphere enters to the two stage compressor with intermediate cooling.

At this temperature the air sitrling to the atmosphere. The theoretical Ericsson cycle is made up of two isothermal processes and two isobaric processes. As it was mentioned in [ 11 ] this theoretical cycle is not appropriate to study Ericsson engine. To improve real Ericsson cycle it is necessary to decrease compression and expansion rate from 6 in the mentioned engine to 1.

With this compression ratio the adiabatic process has small difference from the isothermal process, but in this case the power of the engine will decrease. To restore the engine power it is possible to make a multistage compression with the intermediate cooling and a multistage expansion with intermediate heating [ 1213 ].

This type of cicllo is shown in Figure 3. It is possible to increase additionally the engine power if we will use the closed thermal cycle instead of open cycle used in [ 11 ]. The closed cycle permits us to increase the total pressure in the engine space.

Ciclo Ericsson by ruben dario vargas sepulveda on Prezi

The engine presented in Figure 3 consists of 3 compressors, 3 coolers, 3 expanders, 3 heaters, and recuperator. The number of the compressors, expanders, coolers, and heaters can be more than 3. The coolers are placed at the input of each compressor, and the heaters are placed at the input of each expander.

The Ericsson engine uses a recuperator instead of the regenerator that is used in the Stirling engine. The recuperator has two areas: The heat exchanger of the recuperator permits heating of the compressed gas using the heat energy of the expanded gas.

The Ericsson engine works as follows: The compression rate at this stage is as low as in the Stirling engine. The temperature of the gas at the compressor output is slightly higher than the temperature at the compressor erkcsson.

After the first compressor strling gas flows to the cooler that decreases its temperature. After that gas flows to the second compressor, where its pressure and temperature increase, but the temperature is returned to its previous value in the third cooler.

In principle many stages ericsson compression and cooling may be used to obtain a quasi-isothermal process of compression with high compression rate. A similar process occurs at the expansion of the gas. The difference is that we use expanders instead of compressors and heaters instead of coolers.

Termo 2 – Carnot Ericson Stirling

The proposed design of the engine permits us to obtain acceptable approximation of isothermal processes preserving high compression and expansion rates and acceptable specific power of the engine. In this case the influence of the recuperator parameters on the overall performance will eticsson lower than in the Stirling engine, and that is why the Ericsson engine can have higher Carnot efficiency than the Ce engine.

In this engine means the pressure, means the absolute temperature, and means specific volume of the gas in different points shown in Figure 3.

The results are presented in Table 1 for different engine versions. This temperature permits us to use synthetic lubrication oils in all parts of Ericsson engine. Using of lubrication increases the service life and mechanical efficiency of the engine. To create the Ciiclo heat engine it is necessary to implement compressors, expanders, coolers, heaters, and recuperator. In this paper we describe the design of compressors, expanders, and recuperator.

The intake piston and exhaust piston periodically open and close the intake windows and exhaust windows. The compressor takes the gas from the intake port, slightly compresses it, and pushes the gas through the exhaust ericcsson.

The expander receives the compressed hot gas from the intake port, allows the gas to expand, and pushes it through exhaust port. Low compression and expansion rate in each main cylinder permits us to consider the process as an isotermal one. The main element of microchannel recuperator is its base plate. The base plate is circular plate from the metal with high thermal conductivity e. This plate contains several circles of holes that form microchannels for compressed and expanded air.

Each circle for compressed air excluding external circle is located between two circles for expanded air, and each circle for expanded air excluding internal circle is located between two circles for compressed air.

In Figure 5 only two circles are presented. The micro channel recuperator contains many base plates separated by sealing rings Figure 6 in the manner that each zone of compressed and expanded air is hermetically sealed.

In Figure 7 we present the fragment of micro channel recuperator. In this figure stands for the radial distance between the hole circles, is the tangential distance between the holes, is the diameter of micro channel, is the thickness of the disk, and is the step of the disks in the recuperator.


The E5CN-Q2MT is a 1/16 DIN 12VDC basic-type digital Temperature Controller with enhanced functions and performance. It is featured with improved . E5CN-R2MT AC or E5CN-R2MTD AC/DC24) . Note: The Terminal Cover comes with the [email protected]@@ models. The E5CN-Q2MTD is a basic-type Digital Temperature Controller with enhanced functions and performance. Improved indication accuracy and preventive.

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An atrial septal defect (ASD) is a hole in the wall between the two upper chambers of your heart (atria). The condition is present at birth. Atrial septal defect (ASD) is a congenital heart defect characterised by a hole in the atrial septum, or the wall the separates the right and left. Atrial septal defects (ASDs) are the second most common congenital heart defect after ventricular septal defects and the most common to become symptomatic.

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They are characterised by an abnormal opening in the atrial septum allowing communication between the right and left atria. Due to the low pressures of the atria, the lesion is typically asymptomatic until adulthood despite times the normal pulmonary blood flow.

What is Atrial Septal Defect: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment

There may be greater female predilection. Most patients are asymptomatic but as cardiac failure develops they may present with shortness tarial breath, palpitations and weakness 7. Chest auscultation classically reveals an ejection systolic murmur heard at the left upper sternal border, attributed to increased flow across the pulmonary valve rather than blood shunting across the defect itself 7. There are four major types of ASD 4distinguished according to their location within the septum:.

ASDs do not cause any impairment in cardiac function in utero and even most neonates are asymptomatic. The defect can be closed surgically or percutaneously e. However, careful evaluation has to be made to ensure lack of development of elevated right heart pressures or a right to left shunt before any intervention.

In this situation, flow through the shunt eventually reverses and becomes right to left. The patient then becomes cyanotic. This is known septun the Eisenmenger syndrome.

There is more than one way to present the variety of congenital heart diseases. You can also scroll through stacks with your mouse wheel or the keyboard arrow keys. Unable to process the form.

The prognosis of atrial septal defect.

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Articles Cases Courses Quiz. About Blog Go ad-free. Robbins and Cotran pathologic basis of disease. W B Saunders Co.

The prognosis of atrial septal defect.

Read it at Google Books – Find it at Amazon. Related Radiopaedia articles Congenital heart disease There is more than one way to present the variety of congenital heart diseases.

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Case 1 Case 1. Case 2 Case 2. Case 3 Case 3.

Case 5 Case 5. Case 6 Case 6. Case 8 Case 8. Case 10 Case Case 11 Case Case 14 Case Loading Stack – 0 images remaining.


Interrogating Caste. Caste in Question: Identity or. Hierarchy? edited by Dipankar Gupta;. Sage Publications, ; pp xxi + , Rs SIMON CHARSLEY. Interrogating Caste has 18 ratings and 1 review. Praveen said: A nice analytical and insightful book on caste structure, hierarchies and Dipankar Gupta. society and the caste system (pp. , , , , and /?a~t/7!). This is what makes it difficult for them to step back and take a de-exoticised view of caste, and .

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Please choose inteerrogating or not you want other users to be able to see on your profile that this library is a favorite of yours.

Interrogating Caste: Understanding Hierarchy and Difference in Indian Society by Dipankar Gupta

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English View all editions and formats Rating: Subjects Caste — India. Social stratification — India. View all subjects More like this User lists Similar Items. Find a copy online Links to this item Table of contents. Allow this favorite library to be seen by others Keep this favorite library private. Ibterrogating a copy in the library Finding libraries that hold this item Details Additional Physical Format: Gupta, Dipankar, Interrogating caste.

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Interrogating caste : understanding hierarchy and difference in Indian society

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, English, Book, Illustrated edition: Complex variables with applications / A. Complex variables. Author. Wunsch, A. David, (author.) Edition. Third edition. Complex variables and applications / James Ward Brown, Ruel V. Churchill.—8th ed. p. cm. . This book is a revision of the seventh edition, which was published in That The complex number −1 − i, which lies in the third quadrant. problems in the 3rd edition of my textbook Complex Variables with Some Physical Applications of Harmonic Functions.

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The third edition of this unique text remains accessible to students of engineering, physics and applied mathematics with varying mathematical backgrounds.

Wunsch, Complex Variables with Applications, 3rd Edition | Pearson

Designed for a one or two-semester course in complex analysis, there is optional review material on elementary calculus. Uniform Convergence of Integrals and the Gamma Function. Laplace Transforms and Stability with Generalized Functions. Pearson offers special pricing when you package your text with other student resources. If you’re interested applicatiions creating a cost-saving package for your students, contact your Pearson rep.

Complex Variables with Applications, 3rd Edition

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Complex Variables aapplications Applications, 3rd Edition. Wunsch, University of Lowell. If You’re a Student Buy this product Additional order info. Description The third edition of this unique text remains accessible to students of engineering, physics and applied mathematics with varying mathematical backgrounds.

Thorough coverage of applications and motivation of theory. Accessible text with strong engineering applications. A comprehensive solutions manual is available ny professors, containing worked-out solutions to every problem in the book. Instructor’s Solutions Manual, available by request from your Addison-Wesley sales rep. New to This Edition. Hilbert Transform, gamma function, infinite products and a vvariables increase in more advanced subjects.

More attention to history of mathematics as well as to recent developments. Table of Contents Complex Numbers.

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Engineering materials: properties and selection. Front Cover. Kenneth G. Budinski. Prentice Hall, – Technology & Engineering – pages. Author: Budinski, Kenneth G; Subjects: Materials.; Matériaux.; Materials science. Summary: (NOTE: All chapters begin with Chapter Goals and Rationale. Engineering Materials by Kenneth G. Budinski, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Engineering Materials : Kenneth G. Budinski :

Bj Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. Budinski and Michael K. Budinski brings nearly 70 years eknneth combined industry experience to bear in this practical, reader-friendly introduction to engineering materials. This text covers theory and industry-standard selection practices, providing students with the working knowledge to make an informed selection of materials for engineering applications and to correctly specify materials on drawings and purchasing documents.

Encompassing all significant material systems-metals, ceramics, plastics, and composites-this text incorporates the most up-to-date information on material usage and availability, addresses the increasingly global nature of the field, and reflects the suggestions of numerous adopters of previous editions.

The Best Books of Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of Product details Format Envineering pages Dimensions Looking for beautiful books?

Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. Back cover copy Covering all important classes enginering materials and manufacturing processes, Engineering Materials 9e teaches students why materials fail, and budinsii to select materials which will not.

Drawing on the authors 66 years of combined author experience, this book teaches students how to build a repertoire of materials suitable for most engineering applications, and how to properly specify the materials on engineering drawings.

Changes to this book Revised and fully-up-to-date Every chapter covers current global industry trends Environmental aspects of materials are presented throughout Covers the basic concepts of nanomaterial technology New and more questions at the end of every chapter “This book is ideal for the Engineering Technology market. The focus is on real applications of engineering materials with just enough science background to make the subject understandable.

In addition to classroom use, this text is useful as a practical reference for the engineering practitioner. Book ratings by Goodreads.

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Get the latest information from Consumer Reports to help you shop for a Amway eSpring , including user reviews and a list of features. eSpringTM delivers the confidence of clean water with this effective, easy-to-use home water treatment system. Its patented, innovative technology delivers. Are you drinking enough water? How many glasses of water do you actually need to drink each day? eSpring Experience app will not only schedule the time .

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eSpring Water Treatment System | Amway Malaysia

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Water filters

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Horrorism: Naming Contemporary Violence (New Directions in Critical Theory) By Adriana Cavarero [-Author-] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying. Adriana Cavarero, professor of political philosophy at the University of Verona, directs our gaze to acts of violation that typify modern violence. We must, she. In this brilliant book, one of the world’s most provocative feminist theorists and political philosophers introduces a new word? horrorism?to capture the.

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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Adriqna. Review of Adriana Cavarero, Horrorism: Columbia University Press, Public Reason 1 2: Are the traditional political categories sufficient for a representation of our contemporaneity? Can the language of this tradition aptly describe and interpret what is happening today? In the twentieth century violence spread and assumed unheard-of forms, and since Dariana 11,it marks the global everyday life in a way that escapes the old interpretive frameworks.

We have no words to describe a form of violence that strikes everywhere, at any time, and main- ly defenceless civilians: Linguistic innova- tion becomes therefore imperative and Cavarero proposes to situate the new phenom- enon in the semantic field of horror: It makes no longer sense, for example, to discuss war in terms of regulated conflicts between states and the clas- sical model of a clash between men in uniform.

From its first account in the Homeric battle, this model entail reciprocal, symmetrical violence, and not unilateral violence inflicted upon the defenceless. Reciprocity is its fundamental principle, and terror is its essence.

Horrorism: Naming Contemporary Violence by Adriana Cavarero

It makes no sense to insist on the criterion of the regularity of combatants, when the victims of any war are now civilians by a wide majority.

It is precisely this dis- tinction that opens the book: It is the horror of the scene that stands out, and from this horror a new conceptual and political framework must arise. The terrorist is no regular combatant who directs its fire against other combatants, hitting civilians only by mistake: These, however, are giv- en neither a place that accounts for their status nor a voice to represent it. The terror becomes thus horror.

The terror which characterizes contemporary violence has lost its goals and thus cannot be defined as strategic. The omnipotent dreams of military hypertechnology and the very concept of war the regular combatants still maintain they are fighting, shine for their emptiness. The enemy itself has become an indistinct, phantom-like shadow, indistin- guishable and unrepresentable.

And torture, as epitomized by the pictures of Abu Gra- hib, reveals the mere horrorist face of a violence devoid, in both camps, of any goal or strategy. Finally, the dariana of the victim hordorism grown global: Horror is not, of course, a novelty in the universal history of violence, and Cavare- ro goes a long way to retrace its semantic and iconographic roots in Greek mythology — a cavwrero of her writing.

This etymological cavrero responds to a two-fold strategy: Violent death adrianx part of the picture, but not the central part: Horror denotes a scene unbearable to look at, like that of bodies cavarfro blow themselves up in order to tear other bodies apart, dis- membering their own individuality and that of their victims. It is the terminological constellation of horror, Cavarero argues, that we need to use in order to describe and comprehend this horgorism form of violence.

The excursus into Greek mythology allows her to make another point: The severed head of Medusa symbolizes not only the unwatchable dismemberment of the body, but also the horror of the separation of the female head from the uterus and its reproductive function, to which the patriarchal nar- rative relegates women. Medea, killing her children, emphasizes not only the horror of a violence horrrorism to the helpless par excellence, but also the horror of a woman that re- nounces her stereotypical reproductive function and gives death instead of life.

The fact that it is the very singularity of the victim that becomes accidental spells out the fundamental issue that the criterion of the helpless identifies: In other words, this is a vio- lence that goes beyond death and whose goal is not much death but the destruction of human singularity in adrkana ontological dignity.

Its figure is in fact the severed head of Medusa, epitome of a body dismembered, undone and disfigured, and thus attacked in its irremediable incarnated singularity. Most repugnant than any other body part is the severed head, the most markedly human of the remains, on which the singular face can still be seen: This body is unwatchable and arises instinctive disgust for a violence that, not content merely to kill because killing would be too little, aims to destroy the uniqueness of the body: A clear example is modern beheading: And this extreme violence, direct- ed at nullifying human beings even more than at killing them, relies on the semantics of horror rather than that of terror.

The slaughter of the defenceless is not a specialty of modernity, but the history of the twentieth century stages the ontological crime in forms and proportions never achieved before. The apex — though sure enough not the last instance — of horrorism was reached with the Nazi death camps.

The Muselmann, the outmost figure of almost grotesque helplessness, is paradoxically invulnerable, she cavareor a stage of so extreme defencelessness that even vulnerability has been taken away cavaredo it. The issue is therefore, Cava- rero insists, not only ethical or political, but involves first and foremost the question of ontology: This is a concern that Cavarero, with Arendt, carries to a wider philosophical level.

The attack on singularity as the ontological dignity of the human being is in fact, accord- ing to Arendt, what characterizes the history of Western philosophy, which sacrificed human plurality on the altar of the absolutisation of the One. The dissolution of the finite into the infinite, erotically enjoyed in cxvarero, is the focus of his literary and theoretical constructions: There is, significantly, no reciprocity in this relation to the other, but most of all what this erotic deindividualisation shuts off is the vision of the fundamental alternative that vulnerability offers, that between wound and care.

The criterion of the helpless, in fact, not only provides the theoretical instruments to describe and represent contemporary violence, but also functions as ethical and po- litical standpoint. Vulnerability is one of the con- stitutive characters of a unique being exposed to the other: The human, unique being is vulnerable by definition.

The condition of vulnerability presents an essential alternative which moves between horroridm two poles of wounding and caring: For Butler, Cavarero emphasizes, vulnerability configures a human condition in which it is the relation to the other that counts and puts to the fore an ontology of linkage and dependence.

Recognizing our common condition of vulnerability calls for a collective responsibility.

This move entails a rejection of the autonomous sovereign subject of the Western philosophical and political tradition, which, like the sovereign state to which it corresponds, thinks of itself as closed and self-sufficient: And this exposure consigns primarily the subject to the vulnus, to the alternative between the wound that the other can inflict and the care that the other can provide.

Yet, there is nothing necessary in this vulnerability, only the contingent potential for the wound. In everyday use the term tends to designate a person who, attacked, has no arms with which to defend themselves.

To be defenceless means to be in the power of the other and thus entails a condition of substantial passivity.

The relation is unilateral, there is no reciprocity, no symmetry, no parity. The exemplary case is the infant: Infancy is the span of time in which vulnerability and helplessness are completely conjoined: In the infant, the relation takes the form of unilateral exposure: It is precisely the thematisation of infancy that allows the vulnerable being to be read in terms of a drastic alternative between violence and care: The infant thus proclaims relationship as a human condition not just fundamental, but structurally necessary.

The gloomy landscape of the twentieth and twenty-first century has transformed the contingency of helplessness into necessity: More than circumstances, we can speak of an ongoing condition which makes vulnerability coincide with helplessness: Therefore, the viewpoint of the defenceless, Cavarero argues, must be adopted exclusively: While Jaspers rejected the idea that the German people were collective- ly guilty, he believed nonetheless that they were in some way collectively responsible for the Holocaust.

Adriana Cavarero

This was not necessarily a negative outcome: While constitutional patriotism shares similar characteristics to other methods of achieving social cohesion, such as a shared national narrative characteristics such as a concern with memory and militancyit differs from them by emphasizing a different social imaginary in this. Remember me on this computer. Cavareeo the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Click here to sign up.

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on major coronary events in hypercholesterolaemic patients (JELIS): a Shirato K; Japan EPA lipid intervention study (JELIS) Investigators. Effects of eicosapentaenoic acid on major coronary events in hypercholesterolaemic patients (JELIS): a randomised open-label, blinded. Significant reduction in residual risk in patients treated with statins. Results from the JELIS (Japan EPA Lipid Intervention Study) trial. EPA may have beneficial.

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This focus includes a commitment to research and education in cardiovascular health. Amarin, through its dedicated team of professionals, constantly seeks to improve patient care through its actions and products while also striving to continuously improve along the way. By working together and supporting these efforts, inside and outside of the company, Amarin can empower, share and learn as it strides toward the unified goal of excellence—and beyond.

Not for use by residents of VT, nor medical professionals licensed in VT. This offer is not valid for those patients under 18 years of melis or patients whose plans do not permit use of a copay card. Void where prohibited by law, taxed, or restricted. Eligible stuey include those who participate in commercial insurance, through a healthcare exchange, or pay cash.

Offer good through December 31, Cardiovascular risk reduction with icosapent ethyl for hypertriglyceridemia [published online ahead of print November 10, ]. N Engl J Med.

Prespecified hierarchical testing of other secondary endpoints revealed significant reductions in the following:. The Kaplan-Meier estimates of the cumulative incidence of the primary and key secondary jleis endpoints over time are shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2 below.

CI denotes confidence interval. Curves were visually truncated at 5. Mineral oil placebo consideration and analysis. While the DMC noted variation in LDL-C measurements in both arms and that a small physiological effect of mineral oil might be possible, the DMC concluded that it was not possible to determine if the LDL-C increase in the placebo arm was a natural increase over time or due to the mineral oil, they found no apparent effect on outcomes and found that this small change was unlikely to explain the observed benefit of VASCEPA over placebo.

About Amarin

The median change in LDL-C was 3. We encourage you to check that for yourself. Other cardiovascular outcomes trials that studied fish oil or mixtures of omega-3 acids that include the omega-3 acid, DHA, have reported negligible impact on cardiovascular events.

United States Food and Drug Administration et al. The changes in the major lipoprotein lipid parameters for the groups receiving VASCEPA plus statin or placebo plus statin are shown in the table. Only subjects with non-missing baseline and week 12 values are included.

P values for Lp-PLA 2a secondary endpoint, were adjusted for multiple comparisons; all other endpoints are exploratory. This information on inflammatory markers cannot be used in isolation.

VASCEPA® (icosapent ethyl) | REDUCE-IT™ Results Announced

Each product is highly purified EPA. Adapted from Yokoyama et al, Figure 3: Estimated hazard ratios of clinical endpoints stratified by prevention stratum; Saito et al, Figure 3: Kaplan-Meier estimates of the incidence of the primary endpoint of coronary events stydy in the group of all patients.

GISSI-P is an open-label outcomes trial 1 g omega-3 fatty acid mixtureconducted in Italy, that supported the hypothesis that omega-3 fatty acids likely exert their cardioprotective effects through nonlipid-mediated mechanisms.

GISSI-P did not suggest an effect on the incidence of nonfatal cardiovascular events and the effects of omega-3 fatty acids on lipids, including serum TGs, were negligible.

The omega-3 fatty acid mixtures studied in such other outcomes trials were primarily comprised of EPA and docosahexaenoic acid DHA typically, approximately mg total per 1 gram capsule and also typically included a number of other omega-3 and omega-6 acids, as well as other constituents.

No head-to-head cardiovascular outcomes study of EPA vs a mixture of omega-3 acids has been conducted. Icosapent ethyl, a pure ethyl ester of eicosapentaenoic acid: Am J Cardiovasc Drugs. Effects of EPA on coronary artery disease in hypercholesterolemic patients with multiple risk factors: Incremental effects of eicosapentaenoic acid on cardiovascular events in statin-treated patients with coronary artery disease.

Biologic plausibility, cellular effects, and molecular mechanisms of eicosapentaenoic acid EPA in atherosclerosis. Overview of prescription omega-3 fatty acid products for hypertriglyceridemia.

Dietary supplementation with n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E after myocardial jelsi Yes No By clicking yes, you are certifying you are also a US resident. This site uses cookies to give you the best possible experience. By browsing our website, you agree to our use of cookies.

While overall adverse event rates were similar across treatment groups Numerically more serious adverse events related to bleeding; overall rates were low 2.

Stydy the national commercial. Patients were randomly assigned 1: The median follow-up duration was 58 months 4. The median age at baseline was 64 years range: The trial population was Regarding prior diagnoses of cardiovascular disease, Selected additional baseline risk factors included hypertension ielis Patients enrolled were treated with statin therapy at baseline with stjdy Most patients at baseline were taking at least one other cardiovascular medication including anti-platelet agents On stable background lipid-lowering therapy, the median [Q1, Q3] fasting TG was Overall adverse event rates were similar across treatment groups.

Adverse events and serious adverse events leading to study drug discontinuation were similar to placebo.

The rate of treatment-emergent serious adverse events for bleeding was 2. The primary, secondary, and tertiary adjudicated endpoint analyses were validated by the data monitoring committee independent statistician. Further detailed data assessment by Amarin and regulatory authorities will continue and take several months to complete and record The final evaluation of stufy totality of the efficacy and safety data from REDUCE-IT may include some or all of jeis following, as well as other considerations: These observations suggest that at least some of the impact of VASCEPA on the reduction in ischemic ztudy may be explained by metabolic effects other than triglyceride lowering.

In patients with severe hypertriglyceridemia, the effect of VASCEPA on cardiovascular mortality or morbidity or on the risk of pancreatitis has not been determined. P values from Wilcoxon rank sum test.


Logos Bible Software is offering a pre-publication offer on Charles Simeon’s massive, volume, 12, page Horae Homileticae (originally. Horae homileticae: or, Discourses (principally in the form of skeletons) now first digested into one continued series and forming a commentary. Horae Homileticae Commentary Volume 6 (All 21 Volumes Now In 7): A Discourses Digested Into One Continued Series, And Forming A Commentary Upon.

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Charles Simeon September 24, – November 13,was an English evangelical clergyman.

Horae Homileticae | work by Simeon |

In he became fellow of King’s College, and took orders, receiving the living of Holy Trinity Church, Cambridge, in the following homileticaae. He was at first so unpopular that services were frequently interrupted, and he was often insulted in the streets. Having overcome public prejudice, he subsequently gained a remarkable and lasting influence among the undergraduates of the university.

Simeon found that their principles were identical and used the essay as the basis for his lectures on sermon composition. Claude’s essay also hoeae Simeon to make clear his own theological position, the result being Horae Homileticaehis chief work.

He published hundreds of sermons and outlines of sermons called “sermon skeletons”still in print, that to some were an invitation to clerical plagiarism. His chief work is a commentary on the whole Bible, entitled Horae homileticae London. The Simeon Trust was established by him for the purpose of acquiring church patronage homileficae perpetuate evangelical clergy in Church of England parishes.

It continues to operate to this day.

Horae Homileticae

Charles Simeon is often hailed as something of an ancestor of the evangelical movement in the Church of England. According to the historian Thomas Macaulay, Simeon’s “authority and influence His memorial by the monumental mason Hopper in Holy Trinity Church Cambridgewas described by architectural critic Nikolaus Pevsner as an “epitaph in Gothic forms.


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Overview – Simeon’s Horae Homileticae

The Quotation Archive Add a Quotation. Tozer Charles Spurgeon Voice of the Lord more.

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