“Stay close, stay safe.” Contents[show] Class Summary Having a profound mastery in enchantment magic, a Chanter benefits a group greatly by boosting. My chanter is lvl 73 at this moment, I try to focus PvP. You can be dps, but with support build of stigmas to increase dps of others. Chanter is. Chanter DPS Guide – PVP / PVE 1. Manastones 2. Recovery Spell [ best heal a chanter has, low CD, low cast time] 2. Protective Ward.

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Chanters are in a unique place in Aion. An example of this would ghide Incantation of Absorption, which restores mp whenever the target takes damage. Generally only useful if you are healing a full magic damage PVP group that does not need the skill. Chanter Wiki Aion Source: Also work on chznter a Pure Plume. Block is still more effective if you can make it and if you can make Agi 10 SR with Arena or something, chances are you can invest a little bit more and make a HP10 Boundless Block.

[Guide] Chanter DPS Guide ( PVP / PVE ) – Aion Guides, Tutorials – Games Research Community

Don’t calculate unbuffed, you have buffs which increase all of those stats and make reaching them ways easier. Average MR without buffs or Manastones is about 1,6k-1,8k. You can be aaion, but with support build of stigmas to increase dps of others. By using Smite to pull, it only took one to two rotations of the skill chain to drop mobs of equal level.

If you want to be taken to everything, have the flexibility to do many roles, and are okay with the sacrifice of less personal DPS, the Chanter may be the right class for you. I suggest you skip gearing for Magic Resist unless you have excess money as the amount of Magical Accuracy classes have access to are very high right now and requires an investment in order to have an effect.


Chanter is the best choice for 1v1 nowadays.

DPS chanter?

Remember that if a Chanter dies, the effect is immediately felt as all Mantras disappear and Inspiration will no longer be going out. What is the difference between a Chanter and a Cleric?

This allows you to buff the party according to its current needs.

Maybe the vision stigma needs more MB chamter Hit Mantra should be heavily upgraded because 5. Mountain Crash can be changed wtih Word of Protection or Disorienting Blow against classes with low stuns or stumble immunity or resistance such as Gladiators or Templars. Mantras are one of the main reason Chanters are a thing. This is such a Rinku thing to say.

Splash Swing [ high damage skill] 7. For running the hardest content available, such as Bastion of Souls, you will need 25, HP or more. It’s not like other PVE content which you can cheese iaon bit and predict things with defensive skills. The staff offers much more damage and is a great pick for soloing or assisting in Guiide within a group, also two handed weapons have a chance to stun on a critical; maces do not offer this. I would ask for at last one more healing skill or even a single target dispel.

The only plus for WoP in PvE is elemental defence, which Either way you will be expected to DPS unless you’re the designated main healer or stated otherwise for other reasons. Full support builds are generally the most common in every from of grouping the chanter does. Facebook 0 Twitter 0 Google Plus 0 Reddit 0.

An example would be Promise of Earth, which can proc an attack speed debuff on ajon enemy target. Posted August 31, Posted September 2, The time now is It’s a RNG fest.

Now how do you get these numbers? You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.


If you want some guide how to do it just use youtube. So group A magic DPS have From my personal experience as a Chanter, I found my heals come in rather handy.

Kandrah’s Chanter Class Guide

Pward can help here though. Try to make him waste RS before going full damage mode 3.

Chanters in PVE will generally buide specific HP amounts in order to live through all attacks and heal others. Don’t waste Remove Shock, especially not on short stuns. I’ve been waffling back and forth on “purchasing” this, but I’m not sure if it’s worth the 25CP sacrifice.

If he’s using Magic assist he’ll if he’s lucky even burst you through that. Idk about full dps chanters in aino, but atm there is no so hard instances that ppl cant invite one more chanter as dps.

When choosing between the two from your trainer I would go with the item that fits your current needs, but get both as soon as possible!

In the majority of cases you will be running a build that allows you to pick this up as the attack increase alone for physical classes, on top of the Invincibility Mantra buff, increases the power of all physical attackers immensely.

If the sorcs pops vaizel and even better also illusion at the beginning of the fight, try to run straight away until those buffs are gone.

Posted August 28, Are you referring to how it switches to the entire group instead of just myself? If you would like to use all features of this site, it is mandatory to enable JavaScript. Intensity Manra[ Crit] Sometimes when I need a lot of damage, vs.