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Status: Alert Withdrawn. Norwegian title: Oil and Gas Pipeline Systems and Commentary on CSA Standard Z, Oil and Gas Pipeline Systems. English title. CSA Special Publication Z Commentary on CSA Standard Z, Oil and Gas Pipeline Systems Published in June by Canadian Standards. Hyperlinks from the Z Standard to the corresponding clauses in the Z and. Special Publication. Z Commentary on CSA Standard.

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The resistance to fracture initiation is a function of the notch toughness of the material. The requirements of this clause are already addressed in Clauses 4. The carbon dioxide pipelines that are covered are those onshore pipelines that are for use in enhanced oil recovery operations, involving the transportation of high-purity carbon dioxide from a suitable source to the injection site at an oil well. Inthis definition was revised to include tunnelling. To comply with the numerical rounding practices of ASTM E 29, the pipeline cover dimension was changed from cm to m, and the clearance dimension was changed from cm to mm.

Standards Council of Canada

The requirement for a dwelling unit density of more than 10 but fewer than 46 for Class 2 has been in effect sinceand the rationale for the derivation of the two limits is z66 in this commentary to Clause 4. A satisfactory macrosection test will demonstrate, for the specific plane examined, that there is complete penetration and fusion, absence of cracks, absence of a defined amount of gas pockets and slag inclusions, and absence of excessive concavity or convexity.

Where approved by the company, it is permissible to qualify a welding procedure specification to be used only for repair welding of production welds by making weld repairs to a full-circumference weld and cutting the required test specimens from these repaired locations. Inthis definition was revised, with the deletion of the 1.

The first two columns of Table 7.

This change is to clarify that MOP is not necessarily established on the basis of pressure testing, and the change in definition is consistent with the revisions made to Cxa 8. The formulae are different, but yield reasonably similar results for conventional pipeline designs. The wording from the edition was revised to reflect other changes made to Clause 4.

For welds produced by mechanized or automatic welding, requalification is required if the filler metal size is changed to a size that is different from the size that was used to qualify the welding procedure specification. Z6662 pipe threshold stress values given in Table 5. June 45 Z The operating pressure limitation for oil pipeline systems is related to the risk of shock loading i. Different welder skills and welding practices are required for different weld positions and joint z62 therefore, the specific weld position and joint configuration used for the welder qualification test joint s will dictate what weld position s and configuration s the welder is qualified to weld.

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Components smaller than NPS 4 and valves with a nominal pressure class of PN20 regardless of size need not have notch toughness properties proven because detailed studies confirmed that the inherent notch toughness properties of such components provide acceptable resistance to fracture initiation.

Z Commentary on CSA Standard Z

It has also been found that components can actually assist fracture arrest by presenting a lower stress state to the advancing crack tip as cs fracture progresses from z66 pipe into the component.

June 71 Z Although it is not specifically listed, the css minimum tensile strength of the base materials should be documented on the procedure qualification record, as a minimum because it is essential in determining if the tensile test result obtained in the qualification test is acceptable. June 43 Z This term had been used in previous editions of the Standard without a definition. The requirement is based upon the design wall thickness in order to not penalize any pipe that was ordered to a nominal wall thickness thicker than the design wall thickness.

CSA Z662-03 and Z662.1-03

This version of the requirement was included in CSA Z and has remained unchanged to date. Secondary containment and leak detection are required as additional items because such design issues are not addressed in the National Fire Code of Canada.

For example, if a m long class location assessment area containing nine dwelling units falls between two m long undeveloped class location assessment areas, the area containing the nine dwelling units could be designated as Class 1, regardless of the dwelling unit density, uses, and types of occupancy that exist outside its boundaries.

Overpressure protection is required to be continuous and automatic because it is a safety-type system, without any reliance on manual intervention. The note was added for instruction on the preparation of half-circumference butt weld test joints, in instances where they are permitted to be used see Clause 7.


This clause also clarifies that notes associated with written clauses are not considered mandatory; however, notes associated with tables and figures are a mandatory part of the Standard.

The 45 dwelling unit upper limit established for Class 2 locations reflected the limits that were established during the preparation of the pipeline regulations in the US in and were verified as being representative of the then-existing US pipeline construction practices by aerial surveys of several thousand miles of pipelines in the late s. This provision recognizes that the previous reference to CSA Z is no longer appropriate.

Pipeline Research Council International.

CAN/CSA-Z | Standards Council of Canada – Conseil canadien des normes

Heating is meant to include such treatments as heating for hot bending in the field and preheating or postheating in the joining cza, but to exclude the heating that is associated with the joining z62 itself. As the same destructive testing requirements are specified for both welding procedure specification qualification and welder qualification with the exception of the absence of tension testing for welder testssatisfactory test results qualify the welding procedure specification and additionally qualify the welder who made the test weld used to qualify the welding procedure; however, it should be noted that a the welder is qualified only for the position s permitted in Clause 7.

The similarity of the terms may lead to confusion for the reader unless the specific meanings are cssa. These safe work practices should address the potential for malfunction of the safety devices e. The intent of this clause was for the designer to consider the possibility of future development in the area when determining the class location designation.

Such permission was rescinded inreflecting the fact that mitred bends were no longer used. The clearance requirements are intended to protect the pipeline from damage that might result from its proximity to underground structures; however, it is recognized that there are other appropriate but unspecified methods of providing such z6662.

In such cases, the effects of the time-temperature relationship are taken into account in the production of the bend.