Page 1 of 1. TEACHER’S GUIDE: Double Helix: a novel by Nancy Werlin. Double Helix | Nancy Werlin | Dial | March, | p. | $ | ISBN: Eighteen-year-old Eli discovers a shocking secret about his life and his family while working for a Nobel Prize-winning scientist whose specialty is genetic. Nancy Werlin writes YA fiction that ranges from realistic fiction to suspense to fantasy, often breaking the boundaries between genres. Her books have gathered.

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Eighteen year old Eli Samuels has nanch graduated from high school and lucked into a job at Wyatt Transgenics—offered to him by Dr. Quincy Wyatt, the legendary molecular biologist.

Double Helix (novel) – Wikipedia

The salary is substantial, the work is interesting, and Dr. Wyatt seems to be paying special attention to Eli. Is there a catch?

Wyatt and his parents—something too painful for his father to discuss. Something to do with his debilitated mother. As Eli works at the lab, and spends time with Dr. Wyatt, he begins to uncover some disconcerting information—about himself.


Suspenseful and eloquent, with a hair-raising conclusion, Double Helix explores identity, intimacy, and the complicated ethics of genetic engineering.

Double Helix is a young adult novel target audience: At its core, this book is a science mystery with thriller elements.

Latest book review: Double Helix by Nancy Werlin (YA novel)

It was a fortuitous discovery. Molecular biology, or more specifically, advanced reproductive technologies and genetic engineering, are foundational to the plot but are not intrusive in the story. Though the author is not a scientist, she consulted well with experts to create a factually sound scenario.

This book could be used as a starting point for discussions about bioethics. Like much fiction for adolescents, most of the pages in Double Helix are about relationships, character, and various challenges that transform the main character into an adult. He makes poor choices out of fear and selfishness. Some of these questions linger until the climax at the douvle end of the story, keeping the pages turning. Double Helix is an excellent book for its target audience with some crossover appeal to adults.

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Double Helix by Nancy Werlin

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