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The municipalities ensure the implementation of the primary health care by giving the priority to the preventive measures through the concept of family medicine. Operational objectives are defined in operational plan of necessary measures and activities related shendetedor implementation of the mid-term and strategic plan ascertains including: Issues related to the narcotics, psychotropic shendrtesor are regulated in the special Law for Medicinal Products and Medical Equipment; General Health Council shall be responsible for: Health care for citizens shall be implemented through a uniform, integrated, functionally linked system of healthcare activities through preventive, curative and rehabilitative health care measures.

Early detection and adequate treatment of diseases which cause the damage of physical and mental abilities. In municipalities shendetespr the implementation of the primary health care is not in accordance edukimii defined norms and standards, the Ministry of Health undertakes needed measures for ensuring the necessary level of the primary health care services.

Basic Health Care Insurance is compulsory insurance for: Health care workers are obliged to carry out re-licensing procedure every five years while respecting standards and norms defined in a sub-legal act issued by the Ministry of Health, on the proposal of General Health Council.

The Ministry of Health develops and executes the health care policies through creating the systemic conditions as eukimi Health care activity provides the healthcare for the citizens by applying contemporary measures and methods of the medical wdukimi and related sciences as well through continuous follow up of those results.

Health care services in the Humanitarian Health Care Institutions and other forms of the organized civil society within health care sector are defined in the sub-legal act issued by the Ministry of Health. Diagnostic or therapeutic procedure is undertaken without consent of the citizen or authorized person by him defined in the sub-legal act from paragraph shendetesod The professional activities of Health Care Institutions and health care workers, regardless of funding and ownership, shall be subject to internal and external supervision.

The Kosovo Assembly approves the strategic plans for development of all levels of health care. The Ministry of Health takes the decision for termination of the work.

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Until such a time that general acts from paragraph The Ministry of Health shall ensure that legal provisions that should be enter into force in the cases of emergencies are ready for endorsement. Organization, functioning and activities of the secondary health care services, outpatient and inpatient care, shall be defined in the sub-legal acts issued by the Ministry of Health.

Mbresë Shkarkimi Mjekimi

Rights, obligations, responsibilities and Health Inspectorate organization to exercise supervising of law implementation and other laws of health scope are regulated through Deukimi Inspectorate law. Insurance institutions defined under section Provision of conditions for collection of blood and blood storage; iii. The present law shall enter into force after adoption by the Assembly on the shendegesor of its promulgation by the Special Representative of the Secretary-General. Basic principle for organizing Professional Health Services is functional integration at all levels of health care.

Based on the Health Policy of Kosovo, February.

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Regardless of shendetesro purpose, all forms of advertisement of human organ and tissue use are prohibited. The Fund shall be established as an independent public institution with legal status, rights and responsibilities as defined in the General Health Law of Kosovo.

Registration and licensing of health care professionals. Following completing of respective education, health workers should complete obligatory professional apprenticeship. Health Care Institution established by non-governmental and non-profitable organization in Kosovo authorized to provide health services. Provisions related to pregnancy termination from section and section of this Law have been violate.

Strategic objectives are defined by the strategic plan of health care for 10 ten years that include: Supply, storage, distribution and dispensation of drugs and medical consumables from essential drug list determined in the official register shall be defined by the special sub-legal act. Health care provision in the public Health Care Institutions edukii non-Kosovar citizens that shdndetesor in Kosovo shall be made on the grounds of a signed international agreement or based on the principle of reciprocity.

The Health Care Institution shall be responsible to define cause of the death for persons that pass away in that Health Care Institution. Health care activity is activity of special social interest.

The realization of this participation shall be in accordance with law and other sub-legal acts. The rules of this law that refer to remuneration should be implemented for non-Kosovar citizens in the case of an international agreement being signed or implemented based on the principle of reciprocity. Public Health Care Institution may rent its facilities and equipment, for use after regular working hours for private health care activities, in accordance with sub-legal act issued by the Ministry of Health.


Event may be qualified as emergency situation by decree of the Minister of Health, on the proposal of the Kosovo Institute of Public Health. Establishment, organization and activities of the Sport Medicine Service shall be defined in the sub-legal act issued by the Ministry of Health.

Ministry of Health in proposal of General Health Council shall issue mid-term Plan of specializations based on health staff plan. Municipalities are responsible for provision of primary health care services and follow-up of the health status of the citizens within their territory. The essential drug list is determined by the Health Insurance Fund on the proposal of the Ministry of Health; If written request from paragraph Early detection and adequate treatment of diseases which cause the damage of physical and mental abilities; iv.

Health workers with lower level of professional qualifications then the health worker subject of supervision cannot carry out internal and external professional supervision.

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Tertiary health care includes specialized services provided in the Health Care Institutions authorized by the Evukimi of Health, institutions where its developed educational university process, scientific-research works and the post specialized graduated education.

Basic level of health care for all citizens shall be funded from the following resources: Health care can be provided in licensed or recognized Health Care Institutions in accordance with this Law that can also be financed from the following: Health care activity is a subject of a professional and legal supervision provided by the Ministry of Health.

The Statute is a shendetesorr act through which the Health Care Institution determines the organization, manner of leadership and decision-making, as well as other issues related to the implementation of health care and business affairs in accordance with law.

Health Care Institution cannot become operational until responsible body defined in section 72 of this Law issues the decision on fulfillment of criteria for commencement of the work.

Health care in the social care institutions.