Eliade’s Maitreyi was later translated to French as La Nuit Bengali, and Catherine Spencer’s English translation of the novel is called Bengal Nights [2]. Maitreyi. one after the other, Mircea Eliade’s Maitreyi and Maitreyi’s It Does Not Die. Bengal Nights (Maitreyi in the Romanian original), and the answer is considered to. Maitreyi [Mircea Eliade] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Maitreyia va ramane cartea de capatai a indragostitilor de dragoste, poemul.

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Like Alain, mythology also fascinated Eliade. But do not open it if you prefer to remain unmoved by your reading matter. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. There are implications for both but, as to be expected, worse and more serious ones for the woman.

She graduated from the Jogamaya Devi Collegean affiliated undergraduate women’s college of the historic University of Calcuttain Kolkata. An absolutely fabulous love story beetwen different worlds, but essentialy the same One comment against a blog post about Maitreyi reads thus: It doesn’t se Wow. But should you look up online book reviews, you will find an even younger audience with last names like Mazilu, Anghel, Iticescu, Pinzariu, maitrwyi comment after comment about Maitreyi.

This book really impressed me, and is definetely outstanding among the maireyi literature that i should read for school. The whole experience was like a cocktail of emotions-some might call it tasty, others toxic but still… so powerful!

It’s an emotional book,sincere He is returned to Calcutta and admitted into a hospital. Initially upon finishing it I rated it quite highly, but after I’ve had more time to think about the content, I felt much less compelled to do so. Oct 29, Ioana Fotache rated it it was ok.


A very long Engagement

In her book Susan writes about how after the publication of Mircea’s book in Romania, Maitreyi assumed the stature of a Romanian Effi Briest or Anna Karenina, and Mircea’s reputation as a writer was made. Lists with This Book.

I adored Mircea Eliade’s work on myth and religion years ago so read this book with my own lingering love in mind. He is a man who believes he can “save” the country and change things, a man who thinks he eliare more about the country because of his “superior” status as a European.

Bengal Nights – Wikipedia

This could be another aspect that this story and Romeo and Juliet have in common- the underground character of the love of the main personages. Books by Mircea Eliade. I feel pitty for the human race, for all the stupidity that it bears with so much pride and arrogance, for the immense amount of pain and suffering we put one another through each day, for all the superstitions you – not me, not anymore – live your lives by with so much credulity and zeal, for all the little differences that keep us from seeing our much more obvious things we have in common.

Aceasta carte o voi asocia mereu cu Adam si Eva si Cel mai iubit dintre pamanteni. Well-written, but this one has friends in the final exam reading list if you’re in for that kind of thing. It is one of the rare instances in literature when two protagonists share the same story broken down in the same beautiful moments but seen from two different perspectives.

I am very grateful for the gift of this book.

In hindsight he sets down the story, quoting from the diaries of his disordered days, and trying to make sense of the sad affair. You are the heroine of a fairy tale’, he is Meditation would be just one. Her first book of verse appeared when she was sixteen, with a preface by Rabindranath Tagore.


Eliade was an intensely prolific author of fiction and non-fiction alike, publishing maitreji 1, pieces over 60 years. The brilliance of the novel is that, despite the intense focus on love and pain, it teaches so much about India and Britain at the time in which it set s. Not a denial as some have said, but a rejection of Mircea’s oversimplification of her part and her feelings in the whole story.

The year-old Mircea had been Maitreyi’s father’s student and a houseguest at the Dasguptas’ south Calcutta residence.

A very long Engagement

It is ironic then that Alain, maiitreyi is so critical of this episode, eventually ends up like Lucien. So far the narrative follows a predictable arc as family members represent social forces that sunder star-crossed lovers.

Her critical and scholarly writings can be found in Storyworlds: The narrator, also named Mircea, is a young draftsman….

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After being separated from Amrita, Mircea leaves India and inhe publishes a Romanian novel about his relationship with her. It seems filtered through language, cultural distance and miles, but not time.

Maitreyi Devi

Will they then understand my suffering? Teodora Miriam Chipei was visiting Calcutta for the first time and staying with a Bengali family. It Does Not Die, replies to the protagonist’s question of ‘Do you know me? Though the temptation is great, we will desist from an apple to apple comparison between the Romanian interest in Maitreyi and the lack of it in Bengal.