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BS EN specifies the requirements for the design and manufacture of pot bearings which will be used for operating temperatures. Buy EN STRUCTURAL BEARINGS – PART 5: POT BEARINGS from SAI Global. BS EN Structural bearings. Pot bearings. Be notified when this Standard is updated or amended – Add to StandardsWatch. General Product.

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This part of Eh does not apply to pot bearings made with other materials than those specified in clause 5. Determination of carbonation depth in hardened concrete by the phenolphthalein method. Road marking performance for road users.

Determination of resistance to severe chemical attack. Method of test at elevated temperature. Strategic Highway Research Program. Code of practice for design and construction.

  ASTM 6591 PDF

Definitions, requirements, quality control and evaluation of conformity. Determination of shrinkage and expansion.

EN – Structural bearings – Part 5: Pot bearings –

Bearings which are subjected to rotation ad greater than 0, rad see Figure 2 under the characteristic e of actions or which incorporate elastomeric pads larger than mm in diameter are beyond the scope of this document. Canadian Wn and Regulations. Laboratory measurement of sound insulation of building elementsMeasurement of airborne sound insulation. Message to your colleague.

Classification using test data from reaction to fire tests. Reference concretes for testing. Determination of liquid water permeability. Subscribe on standards with our subscription service. Spheroidal graphite cast iron. Anchoring of reinforcing steel bar. Bitumen and bituminous binders.

Graphite classification by visual analysis. Please note that the selected standard is invalid.

BS EN – Structural bearings. Pot bearings

Ontario Statutes, Regulations, etc. General terms and conditions Cookies och Javascript Disclaimer Contact. Terminology and general criteria for test methods. Method for 11337-5 of rebound resilience.


Structural bearings – Part 5: Pot bearings

Valid Buy this standard. Determination of water-vapour transmission properties. Performance classes, impact test acceptance criteria and test methods for crash cushions.

Requirements and Test Methods. Laboratory measurement of sound insulation of building elementsApplication rules for specific products. General safety and environmental requirements.

Methods of exposure to laboratory light sources. American Society for Testing and Materials. Predominantly key-operated cast iron gate valves. Falling-weight test, large-area indenter.

Sustainable Development Goals and standardisation, how do they connect?