Eric Csapo, Theories of Mythology. Blackwell, Oxford, , pp. xiii + , ISBN Eric Csapo, Theories of Mythology. Blackwell, Oxford, , pp. xiii + PDF | On Aug 20, , Carole M Cusack and others published Eric Csapo, Theories of Mythology. Blackwell, Oxford, , pp. xiii + , ISBN Eric Csapo. Eric Csapo. Theories of Mythology. Ancient Cultures. Malden, Mass.: Blackwell, Pp. xiii, $ (hb.). ISBN ; $ (pb.).

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There is no satisfactory “one size fits all” definition, and myth textbooks in particular often simply resort to the customary definition of “traditional tale. Poststructualisms, Postmodernism, and Ideology.

Psychoanalysis to Myth Analysis. A Critique of Syntagmatic Structuralism.

Theories of Mythology

Jane Harrison and Ritualism. Theoriies how to enable JavaScript on your browser. Walter Burkert and Biosociology. View freely available titles: His definition has the advantage of accommodating all stories usually identified as “myth,” accounting for the existence of variants of a myth the more important the myth, the more often it is retold; the more retellings, the more variantsand, most significantly, recognizing the crucial role myth plays in a society czapo is a “function of social ideology” 9 ; it expresses a culture’s fears, desires, morals, and worldview, and as such, is more than simply an amusing story.

Thsories MUSE Mission Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide. For example, chapter 2 provides a good general overview of psychoanalysis for the nonspecialist, while chapter 5 contains a clear and readable, and even jargon-free, introduction to Saussurean linguistics.


Project MUSE – Theories of Mythology (review)

He is the author and editor of numerous books and articles on ancient Greek drama, theatre, myth, religion, and society, including The Contexts of Ancient Drama co-edited, Covers comparative approaches, psychoanalysis, ritual theories of myth, structuralism, and ideological analysis. The World According to Frazer: Supplies readers with the theoretical tools for imitating eachmethod. A Study in and of Comparison. Book titles OR Journal titles. His coverage is more than just the theory, however, as it applies to the interpretation of myth.

This image is far better suited to Csapo’s luminous guide through a forest difficult to see for the trees. Featuring an extensive 40 page tutorial introduction, this carefully compiled anthology of 65 of the most important papers on phase-locked loops and clock recovery circuits brings you comprehensive coverage of the field-all in one self-contained volume. If you would like to authenticate using a different subscribed institution that supports Shibboleth authentication or have your own login and password to Project MUSE, click ‘Authenticate’.

The book is the most comprehensive of its kind – and the most useful. A Critique of Syntagmatic Structuralism.

Table of contents Reviews Features List of Figures. It is an extremely lucid introduction to theories of myth and is accessible to those with no prior knowledge. The Rise of the Comparative Method. The World According to Frazer: Supplies readers with the mythloogy tools for imitating each method.

A Little Further Reading.

Theories of Mythology / Edition 1 by Eric Csapo | | Paperback | Barnes & NobleĀ®

A Study in and of Comparison. He is a philosopher, social critic, professional economist, practicing psychoanalyst and one of Europe’s foremost thinkers. Ab initio quantum chemistry has emerged as an important tool inchemical research and is appliced to a wide variety of problems inchemistry and molecular theores.


Written by some of the world’s leading experts, Egyptian Archaeology employs a uniquely archaeological approach to explore ancient Egypt. Saussure and Structural Linguistics.

While Csapo’s study is aimed at a general audience it is part of Blackwell’s “Ancient Culture” series which surveys key themes from antiquityit also offers much to a specialized audience. For Csapo, myth is “socially important narrative [that] is told in such a way as to allow the entire social collective to share a sense of this importance” 9with a sliding scale of “importance” allowing myth’s cousins, “legend” and “folktale,” to fit easily into this [End Page 65] definition.

In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: Despite the ease with which “myth” is used, it is not an easy concept to define. An Ideological Analysis of the Myth of Heracles. Would you like to change to the site?

Although the book contains more theory than an introductory myth class needs or wantsit would make a good text for advanced classes in either classical or comparative mythology. Freud in his Social and Csapk Context.