Article byWieger about speaker kit Duetta I have been “stumbling” onto reports about the Eton chassis, with beautiful flowery descriptions and installed in all. Your specialist für loudspeakers, home hifi, pro audio, car-hifi, electronic parts, capacitors, inductors, resistors, circuit boards and accessories. Actually i had no need for yet another speaker. Our livingroom was well equipted with SB18, SB30 Center and a MDS12 Subwoofer. But our bedroom had old.

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Especially in the good old days with Heinz Schmitt as the chief editor of a trade journal, things were very different from what people generally imagine.

Once the slats had been placed as a test, I was very happy that the planning phase had been so extensive and precise after all. But we quickly fixed that.

First Time 12 Once upon a time For the first time I could hear what a sound stage meant, and experienced a truly deep note. Their traditional speaker industry was taken over by an American company and put on a whole new foundation. The deep tone in particular always surprises me. Since my standards for loudspeakers had been pretty modest before, the first place I looked was an electronics store.

Audiophile DIY 3 way loudspeaker system | Headphone Reviews and Discussion –

The next layer was supposed to be 15 mm of felt. Article byMaurizio about speaker kit Little Princess. I ordered the assembly kit from an online supplier, and despite the guaranteed availability, it never arrived.

But after the subwoofer, which was also the amplifier, suffered a defect, I went on the search for new loudspeakers. The many boards in the interior created stable connections for the walls; these in turn duettta divided into smaller segments with a lower tendency to oscillate. Audible 17 Long gone are the days when it was enough to create a loudspeaker that was purely meant for listening to music.


Sometime in mid, the building of speakers was a topic at the weekly meeting for dining and drinking. When we measured the small wide-range speakers from Dayton Audio, we thought of the Needle right away.

Lautsprecher, Selbstbau, Eton, Duetta, ER4 und Etonkombi spielt auf allerhöchstem High End Niveau

We listened to all kinds of CDs on my freshly restored Harman Kardon, and philosophized about the loudspeakers described in the magazine. By continuing to use this site, efon are consenting to our use of cookies.

We quickly found that the slats are pressed on with more force if you use screw clamps. I soon realized that I found rumbling deep notes and metallic high notes unpleasant. Rolfs SB 18 floorstanding Ever since I caught the bug with two Mystery Subs built as part of a Mystery Party for my office, this website has had me completely under its spell.

Duetta Standtop by Matthias

Teilen Sie diesen Bericht: Documenting the details of the building process is quite another! Marias SB 18 Before my boyfriend spent his summer vacation almost fanatically building his own high-quality speaker boxes, it had never for a moment occurred to me that you could improve the listening quality of your favorite music by yourself.

Expensive MKPs give the playback a little more detail and airiness, but depending on the box it can also be a bit annoying.


The HDF board was mistreated with a hot iron to bend it around the curve, since wood can be bent with heat. Because of the small radius of the back wall, I decided to use the slat technique.

Although I like the plasticity of the sound, the whole thing could be a little more harmonic.

November – Loudspeakermagazine | Loudspeakerbuilding

The lid was given a crossbar to keep resonances from traveling upward. The tweeters were fairly harsh and aggressive for my taste, and the bass had a kind of volume boost.

Like many people, I eventually got to the point where the systems available in stores were no longer satisfactory. You can find almost everything in this category of sound converters. Tims Elip After filling my small student room for years with sound from my old 5.

The chassis measurements were taken inside the Duetta cabinet. Martins Duetta Grandiosa Martin fulfilled his desire for something special to play back his music, and he wrote us a wonderful report about his subjective sound impressions. The tone has gotten even rounder, and my musical tastes have evolved, too.

That means a great deal of attention is paid to diagram-readers; all of the jumps in the measurement curve are smoothed out, and the baffle board in particular is designed with the greatest of care.

So we sent the front pieces to a professional painter.