Eugen Gabowitsch died on January 21st, Mischa Gabowitsch [ Moscow, Russia] lives at Paris, France Selected Publications: Fomenco et la. Dr Eugen Gabowitsch (Karlsruhe, Potsdam; Germany) It is impossible to give a full survey of Russian historical and critical research done over. Kategorie: Chronologie: Geschrieben von eino Gabowitsch. A chronological revolution made by historical analytics. By Eugen Gabowitsch (Potsdam, Germany).

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Under the header ‘Publications’ you will only find some titles which are closely related to the critic of history. Speaking about historical analytics we are thinking on an analysis of the history, not of the past.

He has published several books about the megalithic culture, the development of writing and other subjects. But more important for us is the following: Siepe studied German literature, politics and philosophy in Marburg Germany where he later on worked as gwbowitsch advisor and free writer. As a rule, the text has not been revised by the authors themselves and to appear on this list does not mean that the author supports or even knows about the ideas explained at CronoLogo.

Eugen Gabowitsch (Foreword of The Issue with Dark Ages)

Wann lebten die Pharaonen? Nosovskij and Petr P. When the European people came to China, in each village people spoke a different language, it was impossible to develop one writing system for the languages in which phonetically there were four tones, in another seven, eleven or thirteen – they spoke quite different languages, so the gavowitsch possibility was to use pictures.

His book, somehow updated, was published in Spanish in and has been republished in recent years. In India, there was no historical idea until the European conquest, so real Indian history begins in the 16th century.

Im Palast des Minos London, The British Library, Department of printed books. For me it is quite clear that before the European idea of long history reached Burma in some 19th century, it was impossible to produce such a long history.


He has good contacts to the international circles of he chronological critic and his articles in French and English have won him many friends. Edwin Johnson – [England] Selected Publications: During four decades he was activele participating in and focussing on controversies between unconventional researchers and scholars and the mainstream academic world.

Her special interest concern the history of symbols and religions. It is known now that Stalin was reading Christos by probably he was afraid of the chronological revolution as a possible result of the wide spreading of Morosov ideas. To finish my short and not complete enough consideration of the Russian chronological revolution, let me say some words about Fomenko-1 and Fomenko-2 this is my division into periods of the activity of this most productive and prominent Russian writer in the field of historical analytics below.

This thesis of banning the memory is one of the earliest fundaments of the modern chronological research and cannot be neglected. Ein Beitrag zur altdeutschen Geschichte und zur deutschen Alterthumskunde Berlin In Germany, Morosov was known for his interpretation and new dating of the Book of Revelation, prologued by Arthur Drews himself.

He publishes his ideas not only in books and magazines but also on his homepage Dillum. I trust that the younger generation will have no fear of “untouchable” historical dogma and will use contemporary knowledge to challenge questionable theories. Before that, China had even no idea of history in the European sense.

It was created using historical books translated from all different European languages into Chinese. The title of his main work would read in English as: Tonight the report was featured in television news and newspapers, which ran headlines like “Chinese History Pushed Back 1, Years. The very important point in which we differ from historians is that, discussing any historical epoch, we first ask the question: With best arguments Voigt opposes the theory of fantome-time as claimed by Heribert Illig.


In a recent letter to Heribert Illig Heinsohn explains the way he developed his new chronology. Let us remember at any time: His most important article he wrote together with his wife Ursula Siepe in Haug is eugrn contributor to CronoLogo.

newchronology who is who

From other side A. Eugeb Roman poets used stylistic ressources gabowitdch as rhyme and alliteration! Widely known in Germany and abroad because of his publicist and political actions —he worked as chief editor for the Bild journal and has published several books about economic problems— Martin is specialist on ancient coins and manuscripts of which he owns a number.

This is not correct: No his historical books have been published after Since he was professor at the University Bremen Germany. Since he supports the idea that the Middle Ages were stretched by years, so that the years between and AD should be cut out to restore the real timeframe.

Eine astronomisch-historische Untersuchung Verlag W. This paper in some revised version is building the first part of the present publication. Euge Analysis 2 vol. A Russian Point of View Russian chronological revolution.

De omnibus dubitandum everything must be doubted. The list is normally not complete; you are only offered a few examples. We are forgetting that, so our imagination of the past in a lot of cases is not quite adequate. When became the Rus of Kiev Christians?

In he founded together with G. Diener, Berta see Sir Galahad.

Mathematics Genealogy Project

The most important time of creating history was the 18th century. Zabreiko, which demonstrates some of most important methods used by such research. See our discussion here. Gabowotsch long is the Great Wall of China really?