The complete New York Times bestselling Uglies series is available as a collectible boxed set. The future isn’t far away. In Tally Youngblood’s world, looks . Aya Fuse considers herself an Extra throughout much of Extras. This article is a stub. You can help Uglies Wiki by expanding it. For the book, see Extras (book). Extras is a young adult science fiction novel written by Scott Westerfeld. Simon& Schuster on October 2, , and is a companion book to the Uglies series.

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So she goes undercover, and she stumbles on a very “kickable” story that will make her famous but also set her in danger.

Aya considers herself earlier in the novel as an Extra – someone with a low face rank, no popularity, etc. I also have to say that I find the idea of all these teenage characters—Aya is fifteen —doing and accomplishing all of this stuff extrras their own vaguely ridiculous, which officially makes me too old for these books. Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual.

Those lines drive me crazy enough in movies. They do super-duper crazy stunts, but do so in secret I guess there are people who do like to work a plunger.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. As if being fifteen doesn’t suck enough, Aya Fuse’s rank ofis so low, she’s a total nobody. This leads to a discovery of hidden steel cylinders in a mountain which starts this avalanche of events that inevitably brings in Tally Youngblood and her group of Cutters.

Westerfeld has generated another really interesting dystopian reality. A lot of the dialogue was agonizingly stilted. It does start a little slow in the first book, but once it picks up, it is so captavating!!


His mysteries and conflicts which send the protagonists, whether they are uglies, pretties, specials, or extras, are quite exciting and keep you reading to see extars solution.

Extras (book) | Uglies Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

And they are saving the planet in the most ridiculous fashion. Book 1 in The Configured Trilogy Volume 1. First as an ugly, then a pretty, and finally a special, Tally takes down the social infrastructure.

Exciting, provocative tale of lethal reality show.

Extras (book)

Why was this book even written? On appelle cela exteas un sujet”. Aya’s hovercam, with near artificial intelligence. Oct 12, Cara rated it did not like it. This section needs expansion. There’s always something – at least a sentence, that impresses you. InWesterfeld married fellow author Justine Larbalestier. She convinced him that he was not strong enough to tell the truth all the time he took the surgery because he lied constantly, especially to girls.

View all 11 comments. She follows one of the group’s members, Eden Maru, out of the party, but they nearly get away when she is distracted by Frizz Mizuno, a more beautiful and far more famous person who compliments Aya.

Wow, this review has gotten WAY longer than necessary. Extras by Scott Westerfeld.

Extras (Uglies, #4) by Scott Westerfeld

Reached Matchedbook 3 Ally Condie. And then, a generation later, a world obsessed with fame and instant celebrity—and filled with extras—will reap the consequences.

View all 18 comments. They all want something superficial and they strive like with Tally and are willing to sell out people to get it. In a society that your status is uploaded on social media, Aya is closer to us than Tally; the first is a teen who struggles to find her own identity through others, the second an older teenager who had her momentum and now is saving the world.


And she does “truth-slant” a lot. This is not something I will be rereading When these strange silver creatures were sighted and investigated, I thought they were going to be some crazy plot twist enemy race that were going to change Aya and make her shed her flawed, selfish character.

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I was actually annoyed to see Tally in this one and her attitude. Speaking of Zane, though I would recommend buying all four books uuglies reading them in order. Extrss 13, Colleen Houck added it Shelves: Column 4 Our impact report: Refresh and try again. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. It’s just about a fame obsessed girl who finds out about these “freaks” th Can I give this no stars?

The trilogy, however, sets the framework for everything that happens in Extras so while the book is great on its own it definitely eextras you know the story of the trilogy. Your place in society is determined by your face-rank, or how much people talk about you.