USER MANUAL. C-MAG MAGAZINE. SYSTEM. M / FN MINIMI The C-MAG Magazine M/FN MINIMI is a. round ammunition magazine, manufac-. FN Minimi – Belgian-made version of basic machine gun. The Flip-up dust covercloses the magazine port when it is not in use, serving also as a belt guide. The FN MINIMI is a gas actuated long-stroke piston system LMG firing The gas valve is manually adjustable with two positions: normal and.

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A trained soldier can perform a barrel change and ready the weapon for aimed fire in seconds.

FN Herstal firearms and cartridges. This sequence provides a slight delay that ensures chamber pressure has dropped to a safe level by the time a cam in the bolt carrier rotates and unlocks the bolt, increasing extraction reliability as the empty cartridge casing has had the time to cool down and contract, exerting less friction against the chamber walls.

FN MINIMI x45mm Light Machine Gun

It can be belt fed or fired from a magazine. The Minimi prototype was originally designed in 7. The belts are fed from special rounds plastic boxes that can beclipped beneath the receiver.


There will be four 5. The folding bipod is mounded under the gas chamber, and the gun has provisions for tripod or vehicle mountings. The feed tray is improved with belt retaining pawls that hold the belt correctly in position during the loading procedure, which is most useful when the user is in the standing position.

The magazine port, when not in use, is closed with an L-shaped hinged flap equipped with a tooth, which engages a corresponding opening in the magazine and serves as a magazine release. The Minimi is striker-fired and the bolt carrier functions as the striking mechanism.

Additionally, the stock has an adjustable cheek riser and a shoulder rest. fh

Apart from the different caliber, the Minimi 7. This page was last edited on 22 Decemberat It has improved accuracy, terminal ballistics and barrel erosion, and better penetration compared to ordinary NATO ball. The shortened Para model has a mm The Illustrated Directory of 20th Century Guns. The weapon is minim chambered for 5.

It retains all of the features of the M SAW and can be field-converted back to the standard model configuration in just 30 seconds. Archived from the original mqnual Currently, there are many new 5.

Archived PDF from the original on Issue 20 — A railed forearm ensures modularity and mission-adaptability permitting the use of flashlights, vertical grips, and infrared laser designators. Archived from the original on 15 July The double core construction with exposed bullet tip, mainly produced by ATK, also has a low emission and due to their component assembly it ensures higher efficiency. The barrel is locked with a rotary bolt equipped with two massive locking lugs. The bipod can be adjusted in height and each leg has three height settings.


FN MINIMI 5.56x45mm Light Machine Gun

The most prominent updates are: A late M variant of the Minimi. Upon firing, the piston is forced to the rear by expanding propellant gases bled through a port in the barrel near the muzzle end. Likewise, a manuao inserted into the magazine well will prevent the simultaneous insertion of a belt.

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FN Minimi – Wikipedia

Type classified by U. This page was last modified on 15 Marchat The upgrades were based on operational experience and user feedback over the past 10—15 years. Retrieved from ” https: