FRITHJQF SCHUON UNDERSTANDING ISLAM FRITHJOF SCHUON with a foreword by Annemarie Schimmel WoridWisdom Contents Foreword v Preface viii. Islamic Quarterly has called Understanding Islam a “masterpiece of comparative religion,” and one of the most respected writers on Sufism, the late Professor. a classic, written from the perspective of why Muslims believe in their faith.

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Frirhjof Prophet — still envisaged in the esoteric and universal meaning of the term — is thus the totality of which we are a fragment.

And He will take a handful of fire and withdraw a people who never did any good. When Thomas returned alone, the other disciples pressed him with questions, and he said that were he to confide to them even one of these sayings they would stone him and that fire would then leap forth from the stones to devour them.

Gutsinger Prayer Fashions Man: His articles in French were collected in about twenty titles in French which were later translated into English as well as many other languages. A path based on action. On this point, as on others, there is nothing absolute about the divergence in perspective, but the differences of accent are nonetheless real and profound.

There is an imitation of the Prophet founded on the religious illusion that he is intrinsically better than all the other Prophets, including Jesus, and 5. As for the angels, they are created of light nurof a supra-formal substance; the differences between angels are like those between colors, sounds or perfumes, not those between forms, which to them appear as petrifactions and fragmentations. These substances are, in ascending order: A language is sacred when God has spoken in it ; 11 and in order that God should speak in it, it must have certain characteristics such as are not found in any modern language; finally, it is essential to understand that after a certain cyclical period and the hardening of the terrestrial ambience which it comprises, God no longer speaks, at least not as Revealer.

See also Mahabbah Understanding Islam Buddha 83,, Christ20, 22, 36, 40, 44, 47, 75,, and gnosticism 17,and the Trinity and virtue as Intellect 57,as Name of God as Word 65 Body of 42, 50 compared with Muhammad, crucifixion of 9 death of 14 divinity of mysteries of Name of sapiential message of Christianity 41,50 and faith 7 and gnosis 16 and mysticism 8 and the Trinity 13 and universalism and the will 7, 13 doctrine of exoteric 2 posthumous states in Revelation in 47 Scripture in 41, 48 sin in vs.

Yet what remains unchanged is the One. In other words, after a certain period, whatever is put forward as new religion is inevitably false ; 12 the Middle Ages mark grosso modo the final limit. The human condition, with all that distinguishes it from animality, is likewise such a grace. His metaphysical interpretations of these religions in accordance with the Islamic doctrine will show you how these are connected in a way or another and how we all worship the same Absolute Divine, The One, Allah.


Understanding Islam by Frithjof Schuon

To respect the world religions and understanxing practices of them, does not mean to build a government which is neutral towards them and plays referee: Art from the Sacred to the Profane Frithjof Schuon.

The one regarding Morality and Values which are my current interest in this world was really appealing and I think I should take his interpretation into consideration in my research on the topic. Red Indians put moccasins with embroidered soles on the feet of their dead, and this is eloquently symbolical. Since Being is the first undestanding I think this book is more into specialized interested people in the topic rather than any regular Muslim such as myself as it would be a little bit more concentrated dose of spirituality and Sufism, metaphysical and esoteric aspects of Islam.

Just like spiritual exercises, though in a different way, the virtues are fixing agents for what is known by the spirit. Man and His Becoming According to the Vedanta.

Understanding Islam

The Moslem is not ipso facto damned because he does not pray or does not fast; he may indeed be prevented from doing so and in certain physical conditions women are exempted from these requirements; nor is he necessarily damned because he does not pay the tithe; the poor — and especially beggars — are exempted from it, which is at least an indication of a certain relativity both in this and in the preceding cases.

What justifies them is their spiritual symbolism and thus their truth: The inhuman side of the doctrine in question is fritjof significant. For Unerstanding the great revelations are the link between this absolute principle–God–and mankind. In the understaning of Islam, everything is strictly contained in the Shahadah, which provides a key to prevent any relativity whatsoever from being set on the same level of reality as the Absolute. In the same way too, the Blessed Virgin is both pure universal Oslam Prakritithe matrix of the manifested divine Spirit and of all creatures in respect of their theomorphism, and the primordial substance of man, his original purity, his heart inasmuch as it is the support of the Word which delivers.

underetanding The title is meant to imply a depth of understanding which may be lost on many. But there is another haqtqah [truth] on which we should wish to touch at this point, and it is this: God and the world; now there is something provisional about this discernment from the fact that the divine Unity, I think schuo book is more into specialized interested people in the topic rather than any regular Muslim such as myself Well, this was really a hard reading for me whether because of the language itself where I kept the dictionary beside me or the spiritual aspects of this book.


For man, and indeed for every being, there are two relationships to be envisaged: Other rules require that men and women not mix in public gatherings, or that a woman not preside at prayer in front of men; some allege that she should not even do this in front of other women, or that she should not chant the Quran, but these two opinions are belied by traditional precedents.

Lord, how must I attach myself firmly to Thee so that on the day of my Judgement Thou wilt not punish me or turn Thy face from me?

Understanding Islam : A New Translation with Selected Letters

Herein lies one of the understandong of the Quranic injunction: See also God adoration of and the Shahadah as Absolute Reality 61 Face of 85 majesty of manifestation of Name of 65, remembrance of 80, symbolism of syllables of Art sacred Barakah 31, Basmalah 6,68, Being 5, 53, 61, When God speaks to man He does not converse. On the one hand the end sanctifies the means, and on the other hand the means may profane the end, which signifies that the means must be found prefigured in the Divine Nature.

That is because you have tried to pull off the veil and the Quran refuses itself to you; by employing cunning and making itself ugly in your sight and undesirable, it is saying to you: This is not my focus and does not strike feithjof as extremely important at this time, but it is important to understand that the philosophia perennis is the lens through which this book is written.

However, since the first error is more dangerous than the second — the second moreover hardly arises in pure metaphysics and, if it does, consists in overestimating the letter of the doctrine in its formal particularism — we would recall for the glory of the doctrine this saying of Christ: And this is precisely what he does through the Prayer on the Prophet.

I discovered this book through reading Martin Lings’ biography of the Prophet pbuh.