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Alpha to Logo Filters Snap to Grid 5.


Rotate An Image 4. Fill with FG Color 3.

Using External Nederlansd 3. Working with Digital Camera Photos 1. The Image Menu Bar 1. Removing Unwanted Objects from an Image 1. Giving Our Script Some Guts 3.

GNU Image Manipulation Program

Getting Acquainted With Scheme 3. Removing Unwanted Objects from an Image 1. Fill with BG Color 3. Different Kinds Of Script-Fus habdleiding.

Document History Dialog 4. Using QuickMask Mode 5.

Fuzzy selection Magic wand 2. Flip An Image 4. Getting Acquainted With Scheme 3. Introduction to a Color Managed Workflow Fit Canvas to Selection 6. How to vary the height of a brush 9. Add Layer Mask to Selection 7.


Image Window Snapping Behavior 1. Dot hzndleiding Dot 5.

GIMP – Documentation

Disable Layer Mask 7. Layer Boundary Size 7. Handleidinv in File Manager 2. Subtract Layer Mask from Selection 7. Default Image Preferences 1. Digital painting improvements 2. Melden van het defect 3. Een selectie voor een deel transparant maken 2.

GIMP de eerste keer instellen 2. Device Status Dialog 5. Defecten Bugs rapporteren en verzoeken om aanvullingen 1. Alpha to Selection 7.

Default Image Grid 1. Select Bottom Layer 7. Layer to Bottom 7. De grote stap voorwaarts 4. Undo History Dialog 3. Image Structure Related Dialogs 2. Do’s and Don’ts 2. New Guides from Selection 6. New Guide by Percent 6. Merge Visible Layers 6. Image Window Title and Statusbar 1. File formats support 2. Add Alpha channel to Selection 7.

First Steps with Wilber 1. Whirl and Pinch 4. Select By Color 2. Subtract Layer Mask from Selection 7.


How to Contribute 1. Mask to Selection 7. Add Alpha Channel 7. Selective Gaussian Blur 3.