GURPS International Super Teams may have one of the more unusual geneses of the many GURPS worldbooks. Its concept of a U.N.-sponsored super police. The name “Argurous Astraph” used in GURPS IST is not proper Modern Greek – though the intent is easily comprehensible. The proper way to say “Silver. GURPS, Illuminati, Roleplayer and the all-seeing pyramid are registered trademarks and Supers and International Super Teams are trademarks of Steve.

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Pages using deprecated image syntax. The original Warriors’ World was much too simplistic; in it, the many nations of the U.

SJG was developing a superhero worldbook, and I thought people might be interested. Players can choose from several different basic types of superhero characters that influence how the character’s powers are selected.

Originally Posted by Kymage I know this has been addressed somewhere before, but my search for the thread has been unsuccessful.

I know there is an E23 product, but I recall there was a website somewhere that really went beyond what was in the E23 product. The first edition was published in This is an average of about points of damage. Before I knew it, I had been asked to revise the timeline and write some accompanying material for the Supers book.


Espionage became the tool of the day. Even as the U. IST Supers for 4th Edition I know this has been addressed somewhere before, but my search for the thread has been unsuccessful. At his maximum speed he can do 65d damage to himself and the thing he collides with. The Edicts could not be reversed without damaging the U. They were very interested.

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As promised above, the forums have moved. Supers are poked, prodded and thoroughly investigated — and scientific knowledge accelerates accordingly. Contents [ show ].

Find More Posts by Refplace. In other words, he is a human sized brick. Surf our site for the files you want. Of course, realism imposed after- and side-effects to the U.

GURPS IST Designer’s Article

Originally Posted by JMason I don’t know about a thread Radical political fringe groups gurpps wider support. Warehouse 23 offers worldbooks, supplements, and adventures, in physical and digital formats, for GURPS — as well as many of our other game lines.

Written by Robert M. Three all-new metavillains, with their agendas and plans — and patrons.

International Super Politics

Set on the sunny shores of tropical Jamaica, IST Kingston is a super-fortress disguised as a resort complex. Retrieved from ” https: I know this has been addressed somewhere before, but my search for the thread has been unsuccessful. This is the way the world might have been.


An attractive looking man with blond hair and bulging muscles. I found my answer in the flip side of the history. Partly inspired by the Wild Cards series, it sought to explain the origin of superpowers, the state of advanced technology, and why the U. It’s not just a job, it’s a vacation! When Supers came out, the logical next step was a full worldbook for the ISTs, which left me with a problem.

GURPS Supers

This reality has a “near twin” known as Krypton-1 which is or perhaps was accessible by Centrum. Fight drug smuggling in the international waters around Jamaica, combat metahuman criminals in and around Kingston, confront social issues in the slums of Trenchtown and the Jungle, go head-to-head with an apocalyptic Castro, or face down the super agents of non-U. Not quite what I was looking for.