Hitec ECLIPSE 7 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Hitec ECLIPSE 7 Owner’s Manual. View and Download HITEC Eclipse 7 Pro user manual online. 7 Channel GHz Aircraft Radio Control System. Eclipse 7 Pro Remote Control pdf manual. Does anyone have a copy of the manual for the Eclipse 7 that is not missing pages 44 and 45, every PDF I have found goes pg 42,43,4,5,46,

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Please note that for best results, trimming should be done in near-calm conditions. If all the servos tilt the swash aft with up elevator stick, go to the next step. Page 52 Glider Model Function Descriptions to the htec trimming chart on page 51 for more details. If you set the dual rate amount to zero, you will get no response from that channel, which may cause a crash.

Switch transmitter power OFF. The numeral 2 will be flashing 6. Using the HPP PC interface evlipse this port serves to facilitate upgrading the devices software and downloading information from Optima 7,9 receiver if using optional onboard sensor station. Additional Hitec extension cords of varying lengths are available from your hobby dealer.

Before you decide to make a change, be sure to try the test several times before making adjustments. You may now set up the details of your model in the Edit mode. Aileron differential Method 1: C – Flight Condition Menu Flight conditions are special functions which allow you to switch certain settings in the Eclipse 7 Pro transmitter in order to tailor it to different conditions of flight.


These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation.

HiTec Eclipse 7 Manual – RC Groups

The amount of aileron and elevator response can be adjusted independently. Press the Up or Down arrow keys to get to another setup menu, or switch power hirec.

You can scroll up and down through the startup screen by pressing one of the two Edit keys the two keys on the far left. Release the link button. The model name can be four alphabetic characters, along with up to three numbers following. Remember, you can input separate, independent hiitec curve settings for each flight condition!

HITEC Eclipse 7 User Manual

Modl – Model Select Symptoms of the problem in ecljpse much detail as you can provide, including any unusual mounting conditions or equipment orientation A list of items you are sending, and what you want to be repaired. Press and hold the receiver function button for 6 seconds, release the button.

Page mqnual Optic 6 Sport 2. You set them up in the Model Setup menus see page?? You can change the curve values to make a steeper curve near idle and shallower curve past hover. Simple Transmitter Setup – Aerobatic Before you decide to make a change, be sure to try the test several times before making adjustments.

See the THCV menu description on page 58 for more details. It is under these conditions that you learn whether your model is really trimmed properly. Reverse the sign in front of the percentage with the Data -Decrease key. Both batteries in both the Instructor and Student Transmitters should be properly charged and installed when flying in the trainer mode.


If they tilt elipse swash forwards, press the Cursor Right key once to get to the elevator setting menu the numeral 2 will be flashing. Press the Cursor Right key once to get to the elevator setting menu the Numeral 2 and percentage sign will be flashing. Cond switches to their proper position. There are two different glider modes in the Eclipse 7Pro system. Reverse the sign in front of the percentage with the Data 1. The transmitter may be programmed for airplanes, gliders, or helicopters, all with special mixing functions, so it can accommodate virtually any model configuration.

Maunal Input Buttons The buttons are used for different things as follows: To print the manual completely, please, download it. Press and hold the link button on Receiver and turn on the power. In order to change modeplease adjust Tension Screws and Mode Screws according to below figures.


You’ll learn how to use these buttons in the setup sections that follow 6. Page 9 If the instructor’s transmitter is on a different frequency than the student’s, use the student’s transmitter as the master transmitter, and the other transmitter as the student’s.

Model Name If you want mamual change mechanicallyplease send this 3. Be sure to include a note in your package that describes the trouble in as eclpise detail as possible, including: