HP 8082A PDF

A HP Pulse Generator. «on: November 07, , am». Removed. «Last Edit: January 21, , am by Satbeginner». Logged. Find great deals for HP A Dual Output Pulse Generator mhz. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for HP Hewlett Packard a Pulse Generator. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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HP A MHz repetition rate, 2.

No output at all from the front panel BNC’s. Single pulse, double pulse, and square wave operations are available. 8082 contact sliders on the left hand side of the photo.

HP Hewlett Packard 8082a Pulse Generator

Standard accessories supplied by ho original manufacturer No manuals or accessories required Other specify Will you accept an instrument with minor cosmetic and physical flaws if it operates properly? Email is not vaild. You can send up to 10 dealer emails at a time, and up to 30 per day. Most of the slider switches were dirty. We hope to earn your business. Your Email Address Email is not vaild.

A3 U1 is also a HP special We will notify you as soon as this item is available for purchase. A gating signal enables the pulse and trigger outputs External Width Mode: Using the HP A, you can rapidly test logic circuits under all operating conditions by simply varying pulse parameters.

The A operates as a self-contained pulse source with full control of the pulse parameters from the front panel controls External Trigger Mode: In-Stock Notification Request Sent Your request to be notified when this product is back in stock has been sent to our sales department. Resorted to cutting them off just behind the allen screws and it needed an electric saw to do the job. Rear Panel Voltage Selector and Fuse checked ok.


Welcome to Azur Electronics. Send me a ph. Considering all the factors, I decided to scrap this Unit for spare parts. The A has an ECL position on each of gp amplitude range switches. Square wave mode is disabled Synchronous gating – Rate generator starts with a half period delay. Your password must be at least 8 characters long and contain at least one uppercase letter. Although a highly sophisticated instrument, the HP A is still 808a to operate because of its logical front panel layout and switch selectable ECL output levels.

The Front Panel cleaned up quite well considering the state it was in. Test Equipment Value, Inc. A testament to HP paint quality! A replacement Manual switch is required.

Please let us know which of these you would be willing to consider for the price discount. Please provide the requested information to receive an estimated shipping cost. Unable to Process Request Your offer was received but we are unable to process it for the following reason: Send to a Friend. There may be some intermittancy to watch out for and the External Input slide switch is slightly damaged. It also has variable pulse frequency, delay, width, offset, and amplitude.

HP A Pulse Generator. Requirements Our normal service includes 90 day warranty, all standard accessories and manuals, and restoration to “nearly new” condition. Vernier is common for both outputs and reduces the output to 0.


Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to assist with your test 8028a needs. The A looks complete, even with feet and rear corners. So A3 was working after all.

These rely on specific PCB tracks together with contact sliders that are held by the rivited on plastic runners and retaining springs. Testing produced the same result though!

HP A Dual Output Pulse Generator mhz | eBay

Partly reassembled for testing. The delay between the input and output is fixed.

You should expect a response within one business day or less. Offer AccuSource Electronics is always happy to consider reasonable offers on our test instruments. Front Panel assembly removed by unsoldering variable resistors, as most of these have their control knobs seized on.

The slider switches were all carefully cleaned up and reassembled. About Test Equipment Value, Inc. When either or both of the switches are set to this position, both A outputs automatically deliver a fixed voltage swing of Please contact us via email or toll free at and we will be happy to assist you with this request. After trying various methods, all but 3 of the control knobs refused to budge. The repetition rate and delay are disabled. The pulse and trigger output frequencies are determined by the frequency of an externally applied signal.

There are also four trigger modes:.