It is a customizable wholesale Mbps service offered to Intelsat partners that aggregates Intelsat’s prime space segment (Intelsat EpicNG and select wide beams). Intelsat 33e, also known as ISe, is a high throughput geostationary communications satellite operated by Intelsat and designed and manufactured by Boeing on the BSSMP platform. It is the second satellite of the EpicNG service, and will cover Europe, Africa. Built by Boeing and based on the award-winning Intelsat EpicNG design, Horizons 3e will bring high throughput satellite solutions in both.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Intlsat Policy. A LEO [low Earth orbit] system needs to capture service everywhere you can. This is scheduled for late It also announced not only communication but aeronautical and maritime mobility clients that were expecting the satellite service. We will look at the right frequency for the application.

Intelsat’s EPIC Wager | SpaceNews Magazine

But the increase in throughput, he said, means the total revenue stream will be substantially higher intellsat for conventional satellites. Spengler did not seek to minimize the current difficulties but stressed the renewed dynamism of the satellite telecommunications sector as companies such as SpaceX, Facebook and Google investigate ways to provide Internet connectivity worldwide.

They should produce a commercial product inteksat ? Views Read Edit View history. Defense Department budget environment will be followed by steady revenue ingelsat starting in With Intelsat Epic NGthey will be able to source all of their capacity from a single satellite, reducing the complexity and simplifying operations.

The Epic NG series also keep the use of wide beams to offer high throughput and broadcast capabilities in the same satellite.

Intelsat 33e

That presents a real opportunity intelsaat our industry. In particular, our customers will benefit in the following ways: Manned flights are bolded. However, we will work with customers ahead of time in order to minimize the impact.


Keep in mind that Epic satellites are replacing older satellites. Epic should be very attractive to the military as it gives them capabilities beyond what they can do on their own satellites.

Intelsat’s Next CEO is Hoping for Epic Wave

You read spic agreed to our Privacy Policy. Subscribe to our Newsletter and Blog Email Address: In MayIntelsat made a second order for an additional four Epic NG satellites, the first of which would be Intelsat 33e. It will provide high performance capacity to our customers with an architecture that gives them a greater level of control and freedom of choice over hardware and service attributes, allowing more opportunity to develop new service offerings and grow their businesses.


Profile Profile Satellite Satellite Telecom. There is a base of business that will transition to Epic from current satellites that are nearing the end of their operational lives.

There it would join another Intelsat satellite, Intelsat 36for integration on the Ariane 5 ECA launcher, which was expected to launch on August One aspect of these constellations that I wonder about is how they can be commercially successful without maximizing the fill rate of lntelsat satellites.

My understanding is that they do, for a launch in Q1 Unlike many new satellite operators, Intelsat is not constrained to Ka-band.

Intelsat’s Next CEO Hopes for Epic Wave

Will you still provide my current service, or will I have to go to Intelsat Epic NGwhich is still several years away? It is the progressive evolution of our leading global satellite and terrestrial infrastructure, incorporating C, Ku and Ka spot beams into our intelsatt to create differentiated solutions for customer applications.

Consider the case where today, due to limited capacity, a customer has to operate on multiple satellites with multiple inyelsat chains from possibly multiple locations.


For the Epic satellites, McDonnell said, Intelsat expects to achieve a higher internal rate of return. Interference prevention on military helicopters July 10, Retrieved 31 January Intelsat EpicNG payloads will deliver more throughput per unit of spectrum, providing technical and economic benefits for a wide range of satellite communication applications.

On September 9,Intelsat announced that due to a malfunction in the LEROS primary thruster, it would require more time for orbit rising and thus the service date had been moved from the last quarter of to the first of In The News Opinion: There are challenges to the launch manifest across multiple vehicles and there is some fluidity to the dates because of the tight manifests for intrlsat providers — in this case, Arianespace.

Privacy Preferences I Agree. This is fairly new and we need to see how it develops and what the appetite is for replacement of the WGS [Wideband Global Satcom] constellation — whether that is going to happen and what form it will take. There is technology in development right now that will be a real enabler of the transport of UHD. WGS is intelssat to 10 satellites in Ka-band.

I am sure they are all addressing these questions and there may be things we can do together with these constellations. On August 24,at On July 22,Intelsat announced that Intelsat 33e had arrived to the Guiana Space Center for launch preparations. Is that a threat to you? To start, the platform will be comprised of two Intelsat Epic NG -class satellites with expected in-service dates in and If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.