Hailed as one of the most important portrayals of the dark years of Nazism, this powerful chronicle by the Romanian Jewish writer Mihail Sebastian aroused a. The thesis Imaginarul spațiului în opera lui Mihail Sebastian (The Imaginary of the Chapter V – Spațiul intim în Jurnalul lui Mihail Sebastian (The intimate. In the history of Romanian literature, Mihail Sebastian (pseudonym of Josef M. Hechter) fares as a .. record: after 6 months, a translator from English‖ (Jurnal, ). In early .. ―Nae Ionescu a fost o vreme Dumnezeul lui‖. Adevărul de.

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On top of that, add the unfamiliar Romanian names and lack of context clues, and it took me awhile to figure out that when the book opens Sebastian is a law student in Bucharist.

It does, only to rise up again. Swann in Bucharest, not Paris, and a real-life man, not a character in fiction, Sebastian, a Romanian Jew who was a dashing, classless, much-beloved figure in Romanian society and theatrical circles in the s and 40s. Then, mihall pogroms jihail, WW2 starts as well after a while, he and his family become targets and everything changes.

Mai mult ce pot cere? Nu stiu daca, traind dincolo de 38 de ani, ar fi ajuns cel mai mare scriitor roman. By the time the war is over, Sebastian is simply exhausted, his home was destroyed in Allied bombing – or German bombing – and it will probably take a long time before he can trust his erstwhile friends, the ones that went along with the tide of fascist public opinion. From Bucharest to Paris, he strives to make peace with himself in an increasingly hostile world.

Like me, Sebastian was Jewish; like me, most of his friends were on the political right. Who jnows, another day I might have seen more in the story.


I highly recommend this first, wonderful translation of For Two Thousand Years for any thoughtful, patient reader. I laughed and agreed The narrator was great, Simon Vance and was the only reason that I was able to listen to this book.

Chapter 3 of Part Six is an especially critical chapter in the debate and it is impossible to read this without sebasstian shocked and saddened by the irrationality and self-justification of antisemitism which is invariably based on myth and propaganda. We are frequently sick of hearing about Israel or aliyah.


Anything, absolutely anything, is possible. The Fascist Years’ now that I have finished this. In the book, he answered his critics by holding up a mirror to their prejudice, detailing and assailing the claims of both his right-wing and left-wing detractors.

I couldn’t overcome my shyness, my shame, my fear. And, more seriously, it is lacking in love. Spending his days walking the streets and his nights drinking and conversing with revolutionaries, zealots, and libertines, he remains isolated, even from the This literary masterpiece revives the ideological debates of the interwar period through the journal of a Romanian Jewish student caught between anti-Semitism and Zionism.

A bit of a slow start – but once you’ve finished, you understand just why that is. The history we learnt was mostly about class struggle. I received an a finished MP3 audio Cd as a win from LibraryThing from the publishers in exchange for a fair book review.

Sebastian was a member of the intelligentsia in Bucharest, and writes in his journals about his friends’ changing viewpoints – how they became more sympathetic to Nazism and anti-Semitism.

The high point of the book is when a Russian soldier robs Eliade of his watch andleis – you want to stand up and cheer. He lives often in his own head and hates engagement.

Sebastian records many uncomfortable conversations, worries endlessly about how he can still remain friends or in contact with people like Mircea Eliade whose loathesomeness, alas, is finally revealed here – as well as his loveability. We are not always passionate about it, nor are we always luk.


O excelenta radiografie a societatii si culturii Romaniei in perioada interbelica si in timpul celui de-al doilea razboi mondial vazuta prin ochii unui scriitor, dramaturg, profesor, om si, pui scos in evidenta in timpul celui de-al doilea razboi mondial, evreu. Their smiles of atavistic optimism are frozen, their old consoling irony is extinguished. Books by Mihail Sebastian. The first part, when Sebastian was writing about the years right before WW2 started, are lighter in tone, with some optimism, a good dose of critical and logical thinking, some shrugging and despair at events around him, some impostor syndrome, some famous people from the literary and theatrical circles he mhiail friends with — and you feel like slapping most of them.

Open Preview See a Problem? This clarifies so many things and obscures so many more… Mihail Sebastian – jurnalHumanitas,p. He has no binaries to present for you. It is the same old inclination to find scapegoats for a crisis.

For Two Thousand Years by Mihail Sebastian

The narrator of this book is a young Jewish architecture student trying to make a living and a career amidst threats, slaps, kicks and punches. I wonder now if it is their fault or they are denied the right to call their home home. What hurt me was not the idea that the preface would be made public – what hurt me was the sebasrian that it had been written.