Keanekaragaman Jenis Gastropoda di Sekitar Tempat Pelelangan Ikan (TPI) Parit 7 Desa Tungkal I Tanjung Jabung Barat (Species Diversity. Penelitian yang berjudul Keanekaragaman Gastropoda Pada Lingkungan Perairan Sungai. Empayang Kabupaten Lahat Provinsi Sumatera. Kelimpahan dan Keanekaragaman Gastropoda dan Bivalvia di Ekosistem Mangrove Gampong Ie Masen Kecamatan Muara Tiga Kabupaten Pidie.

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Gastropods are the class of molluscs invertebrate which play an important 15 Apr role in the ecosystem.

The index of diversity and abundance were analyzed with Simpson formula. Remember me on this computer.

Skip to main content. The research was conducted in October through Decemberusing descriptive methods.


The result of this study revealed 18 species of 8 families gained from species of Gastropode, which were comprise of Telescopium telescopium, Cerithidea djadjaransis, Tylomeliana toradjarum, Cerithidea cingulata, Littorina scabra, Terebralia sulcata, Cassais semigranosa, Rhinclavis vertagus, Hemifusus ternatarus, Pseudovertagus aluco, Cerithium litteratum, Sphaerassiminea miniata, Cassidula aurisfelis, Cypraea kkeanekaragaman, Strombus luhuanus, Cancellaria scalata. From these results, the index of diversity in the grade being, being classified in equity index, the indeks for the village of Molas density higher than Kumu village, the next indeks dominance at both locations were classified low, then the indeks of the similarity in the two locations being considered.

This study aims to analyze the diversity of gastropods on mangrove forests in the region of North Sulawesi Gastropodq National Park particular village Kumu and Molas. Each station comprises of 3 plots sized 1 x 1 metre.




Water resources is one that has a high diversity of species. The results showed that of gastropods were found to be composed of 15 species, namely Vexillum sp, Cerithium tenuifilosum, Rhinoclavis kochi, Tectarius muricatus, Partner Coronata, Chicoreus capucinus, Nassarius dorsatus Nassarius distortus, Nerita planospira, Quoyia decollata, Terebralia sulcata, Telescopium telescopium, Faunus ater, Turbo bruneus and Lophiotoma pelytropa.

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The location of sampling had been taken on four stations. Diversity of the marine bivalve and Gastropoda in the coastal water painan Panasahan Bay, West Sumatera were studied from December to February More information and software credits. These bivalves are hand harvested, for domestic consumption, mainly women and children, with the empty shell sold traders, Intertidal bivalves the economic potential are Anadara antiquata and Gafrarium tumidum clams.


Indeks Density and relative density is 3. This research conducted by line transect method which was arallel to coastline. This research aimed to note the abundance and diversity of Gastropode keajekaragaman natural mangrove forest keanearagaman Kuri beach, Nisombalia village-Maros regency. Parameter observations include diversity, evenness, density, dominance and similarity, while the physical parameters include water temperature, air temperature, pH and salinity.

Log In Sign Up. The results of observation, were found 4 species of edible interidal bivalve. The sampling were located at Southern part mudflats from mangrove forest and Northern part sandflats, gravel-sandflats of Panasahan bay. From the Gastropoda group, Telescopium snails were the commom. Analysis of diversity in the village Kumu indeks is 1, 74, while the village of Molas namely 2.


The Nailonella sayoae species of Bivalve group were the common and widely distributed bivalve species. User Username Password Remember me. The results showed that there were 10 Bivalve and 15 Gastropoda species. Index of dominance D for each station respectively 39, 0.

Sampling kfanekaragaman conducted at two locations gastropods with each 5 point observations transect with each 5 plots. Density and distribution of the intertidal theses benthic influenced by particles size and environmental factors. The highest diversity index was 2,16 from the Gastropoda group at southern part of Panasahan Bay and lowest was 1,92 from Bivalve group at Northern part of Panasahan Bay. The distribution maen density and diversity of the Bivalve and Gastropoda were difference at each location.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Conference or Workshop Item Speech Subjects: Gastropoda, bivalve, diversity, snails, clams, Anadara antiquata, Gafrarium tumidum.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. The obtained species were identified based on morphological characteristic.