Labu Sayong Cafe – Silveritage Medan Gopeng, Ipoh, Perak – Rated based on 31 Reviews “Overall I can say, environment is nice, presentation of. Traditional water pitchers known as labu sayong continue to be loved in this day and age, thanks to constant promotional efforts by the cottage. One of the most famous pitchers is the Labu Sayong, which is black in colour and can be found in Sayong, in the district of Kuala Kangsar, Perak. The mere.

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To produce the different, beautiful and unique looks, different techniques are used. A tradisional water container. Labu sayong ialah sejenis bekas tembikar bernama labu berwarna hitam yang merupakan produk perusahaan dari Kampung Kepala Bendang, dalam Mukim Sayongiaitu sebuah desa yang terletak 1 kilometer dari Kuala KangsarNegeri Perak. Traditional Malay hand made water storage container. Imagine all those opening burnings, sweats and hard work!!! It is made of clay satong has been in the process with a variety of attractive colors and patterns.

The original and traditional restaurant offers a wide array of dishes with the unique and authentic flavours of Perak. Bekas menyimpan air yang dihasilkan daripada tanah liat ini dibentuk dan diukir dengan teliti.

The longer the baking, the more expensive it is. Sign up to browse over million imagesvideo clips, and music tracks. Are you looking for opportunity to build a rewarding career and experience? Lamp Shade is the most sought after decorative item. There are more pictures in our Facebook. Only Editorial Filters by editorial images, which excludes images with model releases. A worker making oil lamps that are popular during Deepavali; Far right: Some people even use oil lamps as candle holders.


If you have any feedback or comments, please do not hesitate to let us know. Artistic clay container carving. The idea of creating this gourd-shaped clay pitcher originated from the use of actual matured pumpkins to store water, after the contents had been removed and the inside cleaned. Traditional Malay water storage containers or Labu Sayong It is made of clay that has been in the process with a variety of attractive colors and patterns. Back in the old days, the pots are fired in open trenches filled with dry rambutan trees, bamboo and palm fronds until they are red hot.

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Saved one filter Removed from saved filters. Of course, the price will be more expensive for more intricate syong. A store selling Handmade traditional craft known as ‘labu sayong’ normally used as gift or souvenir.

Diambil daripada ” https: We have images for every project, all covered by worry free licensing Download with confidence Find your plan. Rupa Baca Sunting Sunting sumber Lihat sejarah. These pitchers showcase the beauty of Malaysia’s heritage and most of the creations can be attributed to the skill and natural talent of the women folk.

Anyway, it is very important to drink lots of water each day.


Labu Sayong – Win Kraf

After that, it is shaped into its distinct traditional ‘double-bulb’ shape. However the original black Labu Sayong is still processed the traditional ways. It is open daily from 9am ,abu 5pro and up to 6pm on Sundays and public holidays. Labu Sayong Signature is the perfect stop for anyone seeking for the true taste of Perak. Perak map 1 Perak map 2.

Educational Tour – Labu SayongPerak. The pot is removed from the mould and turn upside down to dry. Pembangunan Kemajuan Negeri Perak PKNP kini tampil mengetengahkan pembinaan seni bina rumah tradisional Melayu berkonsepkan Rumah Kutai berkonsepkan restoran makan tradisional negeri ini Something went wrong, please try again.

The Perak branch of the Malaysia Handicraft Development Corporation has opened a Handicraft Centre at a nearby town of Enggor which offers a training course in the making of Labu Sayong apart from selling these useful and attractive products. Ready To Do More? The batter is pour into the mould.

Labu sayong stock photos

Otherwise, the pot is painted over its natural baked state. Our restaurant invites patrons to come and experience the authentic cultural wonders of Perak.

Peredaran zaman, telah merevolusi kaedah pembuatannya daripada tradisional kepada moden. Sign In We’re Sorry! You can buy labu sayong from the villagers or at a bazaar near Kuala Kangsar’s Laman Budaya rivefine park.

Kuala Selangor Pottery For traditional clay pots, seek out V.