Le Mystere Du Manuscrit Voynich – Contes. Un Grand Livre D’Aventures (French, Paperback) / Author: Claudio De Castro / Translator: Navidad Moron Zanet. Le manuscrit Voynich, du nom de l’Anglais qui le dénicha dans une bibliothèque italienne . Un trés bon livre pour les collectionneurs et amateurs de Mystere. Le manuscrit de Voynich: Texte proche du Grec transcrit avec l’alphabet qui ont alimenté le mystère de ce texte, qui a résisté à de nombreuses tentatives pour.

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Décrypterez-vous les mystères de ce manuscrit mythique ? – Picture of Lockdunum, Villeurbanne

Written in a totally unknown language, the book contains many illustrations, mainly plants, unidentifiable. Many authors have been attributed to this book, some of which have been discarded recently thanks to carbon dating, others by the results of research — and for some, the mystery voynivh However, despite these many assumptions, all doubts remain allowed.

Lle is what fascinates so much. Lara Croft and Sydney Fox would gladly pull it off, trying to uncover its true story — Indiana Jones, seeming to have already done it….

The Voynich manuscript would be an encyclopedic work listing therapeutic plants, as well as substances of animal and mineral origin. Many people think that this manuscript is purely an imposture. The language used would be invented from scratch. However, this hypothesis has been ruled out by all the studies carried out on the book. The manuscript bears the name of the man who discovered it innear Rome, in a Roman religious congregation: Being an unconditional fan of the fantastic and the mysterious, it could not be otherwise.


This theory would be the most coherent, and historically plausible.

The Voynich manuscript: a very mysterious book

What are your theories? Skeptics and more convinced must all voynih a fact: Lara Croft and Sydney Fox would gladly pull it off, trying to uncover its true story — Indiana Jones, seeming to have already done it… How can a simple block of leaves, connected together, arouse so much wonder and mystery at the same time?

Apart from what we know from our technologies, the manuscript only appeared in history in These elements are dd of the European style, between and An undecodable manuscript The manuscript would be written in a European language, intentionally hidden by letter-coding. Thus, replicas will be produced, for a price of to euros each.

This conclusion has recently been challenged by a writing expert. Much of the text would make no sense, hiding information in unnoticed details.

What is this book? Even today, all these questions remain in suspense, lost between mysticism and more down-to-earth theories.

L’OVNI DE FALKON LAKE (mystere) – video dailymotion

According to the hypothesis advanced, the manuscript will be held by the Roman College between and I have always been fascinated by this enigma. Words would be encoded so that they can be found using a dictionary or an encryption table. The linguist Jacques Guy suggested that the manuscript used an exotic natural language, written with an invented alphabet.

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Composed of pages, this book is made of vellum dead-calf skin, worked in parchment. The very fragile Voynich manuscript aroused so much curiosity in the world that the Beinecke Library where it was preserved Yale University, United States decided to cede — to a secret amount — the reproduction rights to fu house Of Spanish edition, specializing in the publication of ancient manuscript facsimiles. The only signs reflecting the d of the Voynich manuscript — the text remains incomprehensible — can be found in the illustrations, more specifically in the dresses and headdresses of the characters, as well as in the two castles that appear.

Le manuscrit de Voynich décodé ? | Enigmes & mystères – étranges | Pinterest

Who is the author? A carbon analysis showed that it was manufactured between and When was it written? Presumably, the latter were already missing when Voynich acquired the manuscript. The manuscript would come from Mexico and not from Europe, some plants appearing to resemble Mesoamerican species.

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