Level 7 (Library of American Fiction) [Mordecai Roshwald, David Seed] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Level 7 is the diary of Officer . (Uncredited cover for the edition) /5 (Very Good) I recently received a copy of Modecai Roshwald’s Level 7 () from 2thD at. In an unspecified nation, the nameless officer X is taken to an ultra-secret installation called Level 7. He has been chosen to be one of four “Push Button.

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Review – “Level 7” by Mordecai Roshwald – The Word Zombie

Level 7 Book Summary and Study Guide. Detailed plot synopsis reviews of Level 7 In an unspecified nation, the nameless officer X is taken to an ultra-secret installation called Level 7. He has been chosen to be one of four “Push Button Command” officers, whose task is to fire the nation’s arsenal of missiles in the event of war.

Click here to see the rest of this review Level 7 roshald 4, feet down, and rpshwald is no way out.

They aren’t told of the one-way nature of the assignment until they are actually in Level 7, however, and some of them don’t take well to their situation. PBX Officer X decides to write a diary of his experiences, and the book takes the shape of this diary.


Little things begin to cause stress; X is obsessed with the fact that he will never see sunlight again, and others become depressed when the music tape played over the omnipresent Loudspeakers turns out to be limited to a 12 day loop. The Loudspeaker, source of all information and entertainment, announces that marriages will be allowed. X muses on the social stratification of Level 7 and those above, deciding that they have found “perfect democracy. At last, the Loudspeaker orders the PBX officers to carry out their function: Unstable officer X freezes up as the war is carried out, and must be replaced.

All the buttons are pressed, and in 2 hours 58 minutes the world is eradicated. Shelters at Level 1 and 2 are mostly destroyed, the rest dying of radiation soon after. A roshawld from Level 3 go out to report on conditions, and are dead within 5 days, finding nothing but ash and darkness.

Book Review: Level 7, Mordecai Roshwald () | Science Fiction and Other Suspect Ruminations

Now, radio contact with The Enemy’s shelter continues the war, as both sides claim victory and trade tirades against each other, with neutral nations blaming both. However, something is wrong.


People begin dying on the middle levels. No one knows how or why, but radiation is getting to the supposedly safe havens. Rlshwald last it is discovered that the reactor which fuels Level 7 has leaked, and that the whole population is doomed despite all the precautions.

X is the last human being on Earth, as he writes, “a distinction amid extinction. His rosheald words are incoherent scrawl as he slowly dies of radiation poisoning, leaving Level 7 itself as the last funtioning “life” on Earth.

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