How to Be Single by Liz Tuccillo – It’s the most annoying question and they just can’t help asking you. You’ll be asked it at family gatherings, weddings, and on. How to Be Single: The World Wide Webisodes. Liz Tuccillo Webisodes. Before there was anything else, there were the interviews. Then there was the footage of . We caught up with Liz Tuccillo, author of How to Be Single, to talk movies and more.

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Meanwhile, Ruby, Georgia, and Alice go about their single lives back in the states.

Why are you single? The World Wide Webisodes Before there was anything else, there were the interviews. For starters, the cover is fantastic although the title means you can’t read it in public, because people will think you’re absorbed in a desperate self-help bookand the conceit is very clever.

Click here to learn more about this month’s sponsor! Ruby vows to focus on becoming a single mother. The Travels of an Independent Woman.

She is currently living and dating in New York City. For the 3rd time in my life, I say this. She has 4 single friends, and she decides to travel the world to write a book about single women in different countries.

Sign up and get a free eBook! As a token of his love, he ties a black piece of string around her ankle. Then there was the novel. Serena thinks sharing this man is the craziest thing she has ever heard.

It could have been that. Order the Book Online Are you convinced by now?


The Chinese girl who laughs and laughs? After a historically bad night out with her friends, Fuccillo decides to cash it all in and hit the road.

But I hate her and Thomas relationship and how Georgia treated her kids. Author Photography by John J. This was one of the more depressing views I’ve ever read on relationships, men, and dating in-general. I wanted to smack all the characters silly for being so Even the characters are reminiscent of the famous New York City women; to start with, there are four of them.

Smashwords – Summary of How To Be Single by Liz Tuccillo – a book by SpeedyReads

Considering that Tuccillo traveled extensively to many of the destinations mentioned in this book, it is interesting to hear the perspective of other women around the world on the subject of being single. I found a bit of myself in each character. The overall feeling I got from the book, was that your life is meaningless unless you have a man in your life. Second,the idea of being single forever is rolling around in our heads.

But they certainly aren’t all the horrible, trustless, heartwrenching, relationships this book portrays. Men are great, but we don’t need to collapse to the pavement writhing if there isn’t one in the immediate vicinity, do we? It singlw have been educational. Ramani leaned into me, and said, as a statement of fact. What I absolutely hated about the book, were the female characters, that we were supposed to related to.

How to Be Single

It’s bow to think that 38 year old single women are the same as 28 year old single women who are, apparently, the same as 18 year old single women.


Atria Books June Length: But I’ll give it two stars for the fact that I finished it, and it somehow managed to avoid the stereotypical “Prince Charming arrives in the third act” ending. However, should you fall within the target demographic, read on. Alice has found the perfect man…or has she? When Dale leaves Georgia for his samba instructor, Georgia turns to her friend, Julie, for help.

Frankly, this book was not a fair or accurate portrayal of either sex. After watching the unsuccessful love lives of her three closest friends, Julie decides that it is time that someone discerns the answer to this probing question.

Book review: Liz Tuccillo’s *How to Be Single*

In the same way the stay at home mom goes back to school, finds a part-time job or decides she has to run that marathon, we single gals make life-changing decisions right about this time. It’s hoq most annoying question and they just can’t help asking you. May 18, J. Tucxillo How to Be Single from Amazon. I am wondering why she even bothered leaving her hotel when “researching” – somehow I think speaking to less than a dozen people in an entire country does not count as thorough investigation.

The underlying message felt like it was written by someone who is bitter.