Lock On: Flaming Cliffs 2 is the next evolution of the Flaming Cliffs series. spare parts, auxiliary power supply, a pump for manual refueling and other “self. Contribute to tpn/pdfs-flightsim development by creating an account on GitHub. Does anyone have copy of the enhanced LOMAC manual sold by www. ? The site has been down since the owner.

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It should be able to handle it, I know there’s a 20mb limit on sending attachments, so I can’t see why I couldn’t receive one of that size. Nic Cole’s hard work has paid off, the paperwork has all been signed, and the official press release is out: He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.

They want outstanding Artificial Intelligence, true-to-life physics, immersive missions all wrapped up in beautiful dynamic graphics and sound. Damnit, I lpmac have plunked down money instantly if I amnual known about it earlier. Contact us Last updated: In addition to the page full colour manual that will be shipped with the game, the paper manual will also contain a 70 page additional training section, plus pages of technical data concerning each of the air, ground and naval units in the game.


How can I tell when it shipped or even if it has? Last edited by CapnGimp ; Posted October 30, Ouch, they bumped up the price because of production costs.

My Logitech Wingman joystick is broken. I’d still manuxl interested in getting my hands on that enhanced manual though Originally posted by ravenshield1 View Post.

I plan on getting LOMAC eventually, but the lack of a paper manual in the packaging is a real turn-off. Posted November 24, I have a few dummy accounts that I use to register for things like web forums or online shopping sites that I never really check.

Try kevan dot chapman at gmail dot com, that’s my main email addy.

LOMAC manual – Games – Quarter To Three Forums

Modern Air Combat fan. So far he has had over orders. Well You know what I think.

There is definitely a demand out there for high quality paper manuals. Still I like the sim a lot and I thought is was worth doing some check-lists for. So russian translation and phonetic pronounciation takes an important part of the check-lists.

They could at least have the requisite sense of shame and try to pawn it off as a strategy guide. To get back to the home page to have access to other sections, click the main title: Two annexes manusl also be available one for Nato and one for Russian aircraft.



Is it worth it? I’d appreciate hearing from you. The check-lists are a ongoing project. Those sims can keep you occupied nearly forever.

Digital Aspirin also plan to produce a large fold out map that the virtual pilots can use to plan and execute missions. I odered the newer manual. The manual developer posted yesterday saying the first shipment will be sent out over the next week.

I think I need a new joystick. Register a new account.

All six of them? Help Contact Us Go to top. Login or Sign Up. Could one of you guys email me the manual also? I’m not certain as to whether or not we’re recruiting at present but it’s worth taking a look: These annexes share the common things to know for each mnual of the coalition.

Combat Sim Check-Lists – Lomac section

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