My AVG anti virus has listed all pdf files with the above infection, how do I get rid of this without destroying the files?. Some readers from Montreal, Canada wrote in about a problem with AVG Anti- Virus Free Edition The issue is with the all. Abdul Wahab T.K. The above exploit under CVE represents a vulnerability in Windows Common Controls and you should make.

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This is a heuristic detection for exploits that targets a specific vulnerability in the Microsoft Windows Shell as described in CVE At the time of research, known malware has been discovered to exploti exploiting this vulnerability in the wild, which allows arbitrary code execution via a maliciously crafted.

They have been noted to spread via removable USB drives, and potentially could be used over shared folders, WebDAV or other similar means. This vulnerability is exploitable when any Windows application that displays shortcut icons, such as Windows Explorer, browses to a folder containing a malicious shortcut.

  78M05 SMD PDF

The exploit can be triggered without any user interaction, regardless where the shortcut file is located.

When a user browses a folder luge contains the malicious LNK file, then the malware setup An attacker who successfully exploited this vulnerability could gain the same user rights as the local user. Please look here for more details on CVE and the vendor’s advisory:.

The current Stinger also provides detection for. Please use the following instructions for all supported versions of Windows to remove threats and other potential risks: Update to current engine and DAT files for detection and removal. Run a complete system scan.

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Loading of executable components by viewing a folder containing. Feedback Contact us Contact sales Submit a question Chat with corporate sales Find a reseller Consumer product support More ways to get in touch.

Threat Detail Malware Type: Please look here for more details on CVE and the vendor’s advisory: On Windows Vista and 7: Choose your region North America. Europe, Middle East, Africa.



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