The following review will feature the LiteOn LVW HDD&DVD Also included in the packaging is the operating instructions manual. You can examine LiteOn LVW Manuals and User Guides in PDF. View online or download 1 Manuals for LiteOn LVW Besides, it’s possible to. View full Lite-On LVW specs on CNET. Remote Control. Type. remote control. Remote Control Technology. infrared remote control, video / audio cable.

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Turn off the Ad Banner. Standalone recorders are currently getting more and more popular and the market is already full of such devices.

We can safely assume that further development in this sector of the consumer market will continue in similar fashion and interest kvw consumers will be even greater as prices begin to drop. Hopefully, you’ll be able to judge for yourselves how convenient the recorder is and be able to evaluate its performance.

The retail package that arrived in our labs contained the unit, a remote control with two AAA batteries, a power cable, an AV cable and and RF patch cable. Also included in the packaging is the operating instructions manual. On the unit’s front panel, from left to right one can see the power button and the optical drive’s tray.

Towards the right, there are six buttons: A little to the left, we can see a DV connector that can be used for connecting a DV camcorder for transferring videos to the LVW The pictures below are from the interior of the LVW, after removing the cover. This action is not recommendedsince it voids the manufacturer’s warranty.

Click on the images for high resolution size views. From the picture above, we can see the internal hard drive located inside the LVW We can find a multitude of connections there.

Starting from left to right we can see: There are also the composite AV outputs, and the component AV outputs. The average sized remote control, offers complete control over the LVW The included manual manages to explain in detail and with relative simplicity all the LVW’s operations.

Turning on the unit, we see the welcome screen while the LVW waits for a command from the remote control. Last, but not least is the exit option. While this seems may seem self explanatory, later in this review we will see how by using this option, we can make the LVW a region free DVD player!!

However, the player can be made region free by entering a certain key combination through the remote control, making it possible to use with any disc regardless of the regional restrictions applied on it. We connected the LVW from the Scart interface using the corresponding cable, which was included in the unit’s package.

We recorded a 4. The display of images is accomplished in the same manner as used to view video or playback music files. There, we can navigate through the disc’s directory structure, and view thumbnails of the image files before selecting one to view full screen.

The LiteOn LVW will not let anyone who has purchased any protected audio discs in a music store down. Both titles were recognized and played without any problems, which is good news as this kind of media is practically not playable on PCs due to the protection schemes designed to discourage PC users from copying them. The table below shows a list of MP3 and WMA files with a variety of compression settings along with the behavior from the device. Not only that, but the LVW offers the option to copy the digital music stored on the inserted media to the hard disk.


With this feature, one can maintain a personal collection of music stored in the LVW that can be instantly accessed from the GB hard drive, without the need to insert any discs. Also, the LVW is capable of recognizing mixed discs, i. The above menu appears after pressing the “Guider” button on the remote control. Through this menu, we can perform most of the tasks the LVW can do. Let’s select the playback option. We then have to select the kind of files we want to playback. The available options are video, music, pictures, pictures with music.

The LVW isolates and displays only files of the selected format. We can change the view by selecting “Text view”, where more information about the recorded videos are displayed.

First of all, we need to choose the video source. Next option is where to store record the video.

Lite-On LVW Specs – CNET

We can either choose the hard disk, or a DVD disc. The obvious advantage of the hard disk is that we can record way more hours of video than a normal DVD disc.

So if we are unsure about the amount of time we want to record, select the hard drive and ovw the recorded video can be transferred to a DVD disc. We then have to select the recording quality.

Please mahual the table below for a more detailed explanation. By mahual the timer record option, we can program the LVW to record video of a given duration at a predetermined time in the future. We can select here, how often the mamual will take place once, daily, weekly. For example, you can select here the weekly option if you want to record your favorite TV series each week.

After we’ve successfully kanual a timer recording, we can see a summary of all our choices in order to verify everything is setup as desired. The copy menu can mnaual used to transfer files from and to the LVW There is a large amount of freedom here for the user. The LVW can store in its internal hard disk, not only video, but also music manuual images. After that, we wait for the transfer to complete. The LVW’s internal DVD burner can reach a maximum recording speed of 8x, depending on the recordable media inserted.

Later on in this review, we present the recommended media list, as given by LiteOn. The LVW can also backup an unencrypted i. The movie after that will be fully playable, as if the disc was inserted in the unit’s DVD drive. As long as the recording stays on the hard drive, everything is ok.

But what happens if we decide to store the recording on DVDs? Unfortunately, the LVW does not offer this feature and the only solution left is to split the recording into smaller parts using the menus. This could confuse the inexperienced user in our opinion and in the long run, force them to use lower quality modes like LP instead of taking advantage of the extra quality that could be used.

By pressing the “Browser” button on the remote and then selecting “Pictures” from the onscreen tabs located at topwe can see the available pictures on the specified media hard disc, DVD disc. We select the folder named default that contains some photos and press “Enter” on the remote. We are presented with a thumbnail preview of the images contained in the selected folder. To view one of the images in full screen, we just select it and hit the “Enter” mnual on the remote.

While in the thumbnail view screen, we can press the “Edit” button on the remote where we can rename, move files to another folder, and erase files. In order to test the writing quality and readability of the burned media, we used two readers with two software applications:. Due to the fact that manua oversped the reading capabilities of the LiteON SOHDT, such drops are expected, especially near the outer area of the disc.


Ovw measurements below should be taken not as the absolute criteria of the burning quality, but as an indication level. Generally, the drive offers good writing quality.

LiteOn LVW Manuals and User Guides, DVD Recorder Manuals —

Bear in mind though, that most of the recordings were not performed at full speed as measured by using a timer for each recording. Apparently, the internal DVD burner’s built-in media list that exists in the firmware is not large enough to allow high recording speeds like 8x to be available.

As mentioned previously, the LVW that we got to test was a region 2 unit.

That means, that the DVD-Video discs that it could play were region 2 encoded discs or unencoded ones. So what happens if someone has, let’s say, a few region 1 discs that they would like to play with the LVW? Fortunately there is a workaround where the LVW can be made region free, so that it will play all DVD-Video discs, regardless their region encoding.

The procedure is rather simple and it is persistent. This means, that the setting remains active even if the unit is powered off and can be changed as often as desired. We would like to state here that this feature is unofficial and not supported by LiteOn. While it exists in the current firmware, there is no guarantee that this function will be available in future firmware upgrades.

The machine can be made region free by accessing the setup menu, moving the highlight box over exit, typing after which an extra menu pops up with all of the regions as well as region free on the list. It undoubtedly stands out from other, usually black, stand-alone devices.

We connected the LiteOn using all provided connections in order to test them. For audio, we recommend the digital outputs for advanced sound reproduction, DD5. The included remote control is ergonomic and easy to use. Owing to the simplicity of the menu, you can do almost anything you wish in a few, simple steps.

This is very good as a feature, although it seemed to us that it should be a lot easier to locate a channel, although the control interface is very helpful. There are several connections enabling recording from other sources. It is worth noting that except for the usual AV and Scart inputs, it is also equipped with a DV connection for digital recordings. Meeting our expectations, the device can also record from TV channel with the built-in tuner.

The provided writing qualities are also a desirable feature as you can record up to 6 hours in SLP quality. However we recommend the highest quality- HQ and SP. Also, the builtin hard drive gives a much larger degree of freedom as to the amount of video we can record and keep in storage before we decide to commit it on DVD.

LiteOn LVW-5045 Manuals & User Guides

The writing quality is good with almost all the DVD media we used. It managed to read over 1. However, with the CD-Check Audio test disc, we have observed better behavior. However, since the market for this kind of devices is growing rapidly, prices should be significantly lower in the not so distant future.

ACER 32x 80min Blue.