Buy OMRON INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION LY2-AC/ online at Newark element Buy your LY2-AC/ from an authorized OMRON INDUSTRIAL . LY2-AC/ Omron Automation and Safety General Purpose Relays PLUG- IN DPDT VAC datasheet, inventory, & pricing. The LY series from Omron are miniature power relay for general purpose applications. It is equipped with an arc barrier and built-in diode. LY series are single.

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If not performing as prescribed, the relay sealing could break, cleaning fluid with dissolved flux will be sucked inside the relay. Mounting FT Switch are designed for semi-flush mounting on the front of switchboard panels, facilitating inspection and accessibility. With its 2 pulse outputs for both input channels the KVA omton additionally be used to double pulse signals. Only trained personnel should install or service air conditioning equipment.

Screw the control wires previously identified into omrno electrical terminals and insulate the unused wires.

All Standard Omrom Relays! A relay is an electrically operated switch. Relay contact terminals omronn polarity. Control panels, detectors, and accessories for analog, addressable, and conventional systems. Wiring a dpdt relay to switch together with 8 pole dpdt relay wiring diagram also how does a rear windshield motor reverse polarity also latching contactor wiring diagram together with 12v latching relay wiring diagram furthermore forum posts in addition 9a motor drum switch wiring help further help exhaust cutout switch also spark plug wiring diagram jeep wrangler along.


This adjustable potential relay replaces 3- and 5-terminal potential relays and is suitable for use with single phase motors or air conditioning l2 refrigeration compressors up to 5 hp. Features voltage sensitive relay, adjustable pickup voltage, and safety timeout of 1. Electrical diagram provided on the label. It may not match the voltage on the specific replacement relay.

LY2-D-DC24 | Bi-power Relays | Omron – Valin

Screw or push-on terminals. It is the simplest switch.

Safety time-out of 1 to 1. Rogers Concept of Swinging Mounting Rack. We manufacture PCB relays, panel mounting relays, plug-in relays, latching relays, Potential relays and auto relays. My 4 pin omrin has jumpers to the opposite corners, with the positive and negative terminals in the middle of the switch. Terminal 1 on relay goes to the contactor coil. These relays assist in the control of air conditioning, heating or refrigeration system compressor motors.

Potential relays are normally closed devices. We thank you for your visit to our website.


Obsolete and hard to find. It was saved by prompt dispatch.


As such, power is amplified, voltages are adjusted or signals are electrically isolated. Motor power rating up to 5HP. This external relay is potential-free and can be used as an N. Safety time out 1.


Lg2 motors have different magnitudes of back-EMF, thus requiring different potential relay designs. This new relay, part number R1, has been tested to be a direct plug-in replacement to the original Heathkit relays used in the above rigs.

This relay was designed primarily for use as a carrier starting relay in directional comparison schemes. Click for images of all products.

SP switches control only one electrical circuit. Universal and adjustable potential relays replace virtually any potential relay on the market.